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1 dozen Anaheim chiles

1 dozen Monterey Jack cheese sticks

7 eggs

oil or lard, enough to fry rellenos

1 c. all-purpose flour


Roast Anaheim chiles on the grill until they begin to blister. Once blistering, place in a Ziploc bag to steam. When chiles are soft and easy to peel, remove from bag, peel, and remove the seeds and stem.

Take one cheese stick and one chile, and place the stick of cheese in the middle of the chile, and wrap the chile around the cheese.

Separate eggs. Place the egg whites in a large chilled bowl and the yolks in a smaller bowl. Use a hand mixer and whisk egg whites until they are fluffy and peaked. (After beaters are lifted from the egg-white mixture, stiff peaks should remain on top, and the mixture should not slide around when bowl is tilted.)

Once the egg whites are fluffy, add the yolks to the egg-white mixture, and mix well until they are blended together.

Heat the oil or lard in a large pan to 375 degrees. (Be sure to use a frying thermometer when checking the temperature of the hot oil or lard.)

While oil or lard is heating, take a rolled chile and cheese and place in the flour until completely covered. Take the chile covered in flour and dip in the egg mixture to cover the chile. Place in hot oil or lard and fry until a golden brown, or until cheese is melted through.

Let cool and serve with green chile, rice and beans. Serves 6 to 8.


This recipe has been in our family for generations. Chile rellenos have always been a Friday night tradition at our home, a tradition that has been passed on to the restaurant, where this dish has become a comfort-food favorite of many customers. It is custom in our culture to pair the rellenos with our delicious green chile.

— Submitted by Salsa Latina owners Danny and Carolina Aguilar


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