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Most of us read comic books as kids, but for some of us it turned into a lifetime passion, or even an obsession. Is it the fantasy that keeps us hooked, or the colors, the action, the suspense and the superheroes?

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Doc Suicide from Fountain is a bouncer

Did you ever read comic books? Yes, I'm a comic-book geek.

What appeals to you the most? You get to be different people, and go to different worlds.

What were your favorites, DC or Marvel? I'm a DC fan, because of Batman. Batman is great. He's got cool toys and a double life, but he goes through the same mental anguish as everyone else.

Do you still have some of your old comics? Yes, but the oldest one I have was my grandfather's. It's from the '50s, an old Detective Comics.

Have you ever thought about writing your own? In high school, I wrote one with my brother. But he got lazy and never finished it, and then it got blown when the computer crashed.

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Tanya Davie from the north side is a travel agent

Did you read comic books when you were a kid? Yes, I liked Archie and Betty and Veronica. I'm a girly-girl, so I didn't like the violent comics. Archie always had cute stories to follow.

Were you a subscriber? No, we just bought them at the grocery store every once in a while if my mom would let us. They were always there, right at the checkout.

Do you consider comic book illustrations to be art? Absolutely. But art is in the eye of the beholder; it's what you make of it.

Have you ever known a comic-book collector? My sister used to be. She's an artist, so she really got into them and if a movie came out she'd know what comic it was based on.

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Drew Hilde of the south side is a student and a contractor

What comes to mind when I say "comic book"? A graphic novel.

Did you like reading them as a kid? Yes, I even had a subscription to Ultimate X-Men.

Do you consider the illustrations to be art? Yes. A lot of emotions are put into them.

Have you ever created your own comics? Yes, mostly about random daydreams that went beyond the limits of what happens every day. I did freehand drawings, and when they were put together, they became a story.

What's your opinion of movies based on comic books? They're OK, but Hollywood ruins it. Not everyone's a reader, so they're not going to know the background. The movies should take more time to develop the story.


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