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How Councilors are like Losers 

Long Story Short

After 18 pages teeming with election news in this week's paper, we jam in a story about a local guy returning to The Biggest Loser reality show. You could very easily consider it the proverbial spoonful of sugar, helping to make the medicine go down, and you're welcome to do so.

But our candidates for Colorado Springs City Council actually have a few things in common with the Loser collective.

Wait, that doesn't sound right. Let me explain.

In both arenas, people who may have lived anonymously and peacefully for years as private citizens become public figures. They expose themselves to uncomfortable situations and potential ridicule, and take on competitors in a forum wherein the size of a defeat can be easily quantified. In short, they put themselves out there in a way that most of us never would.

On the reality show, the attraction is easy to understand: Not only do contestants work toward a better personal quality of life, but they also meet with random celebrities and may earn $100,000 or $250,000. But in local politics? Winners will get to butt heads with the mayor, have their every word parsed in open meetings, work nights and weekends, and get $6,250 a year for the honor.

So while we will endorse just six candidates starting here, we want to commend every one of the 24 for being willing to serve Colorado Springs. From where we sit, the job they want looks bigger than ever.


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