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Re: “The left's answer to emboldened white supremacists? A militia of their own.

First of all what is a white supremacist? NO ONE TO DATE has defined it. Its a term the left has "coined" and it is thrown around willy nilly. Second, they practice in a basement? I hope they have hearing and eye protection and some way to get rid of the lead from the shells. What about richochets? Misfires? Third, Why did Lamborn lock her out of his office? Being obnoxious or what? These groups while having the empowerment that comes from "being prepared in case of civil unrest" do no good for themselves. I highly approve of the female getting trained but she should make sure she trains her kids on what to do if ever attacked. thanks for the article and if this group wants to organize, I say GOD BLESS THEM!

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Posted by HSabin on 09/28/2017 at 6:50 PM

Re: “The stormwater question, the government's role, Manitou's pot vote, and more

If the builders had to pay for infrastructure as they expanded the Springs out east and to the north, where is that money now? Why wasn't it used for storm water mitigation?

And if we don't do the mitigation, then will the EPA come in and force this to be done? And if we don't do something, who is hurt by that inaction?

Those are the questions we should be asking!

We should also see to it that developers such as those in Banning Lewis and Cordera and other new suburban housing areas and those who develop shopping centers are paying a goodly amount as they are increasing the areas in the city and county that is paved.

And if we agree to fund storm water mitigation, are we sure this city council with whom I am severely disappointed won't use it for some pet project or spend it foolishly? How is that money to be sequestered?

And will this "TAX" continue ad infinitum? Or does it have a sunset provision?

Ask and answer those questions and then make up your minds - yes or no.

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Posted by HSabin on 10/21/2014 at 4:37 PM

Re: “Halter vs. Lamborn, Ann Zwinger, the death penalty, and abortion

Tim Haley and Max Clow and Capt. Donald Martinez:

TIM and Capt Martinez: First Captain - thanks for your service.

Now as to your and Tim's claims:

A small percentage of the government was shut down by Obama's actions not Lamborn's. You make it sound like Lamborn has total power to control the government. He doesn't. Congress has TWO houses of power and all contributed to the supposed shutdown which was minimal at best.

You also forget that the government shuts down on weekend - big whoops! So why aren't you screaming about that huh? Stop with the drama queen act and actually look at the facts!!

And as to hurting VETS or Lamborn NOT helping the vets? Lamborn got the new health center on Fillmore and he got the Vets cemetery for this area - how is that hurting VETS? He recently shepherded a new bill through the house that HELPS the vets! Plus, a veteran that I know contacted Lamborn for help in getting his medical needs attended to by the VA in Denver. Lamborn acted immediately to assist this vet.

All Your claims are ridiculous. Please post PROOF of your iclaims here...please! Stop with the emotion and post FACTS please!

And as to Irv Halter not voting Democratic and supporting Obama? Who are YOU kidding? NOT ONE REPUBLICAN voted for Obamacare but Udall and Bennett did and so will Halter if he wants any "power" in congress and he wants to be anything but an "UNKNOWN!". They bowed down and so will Halter. You know the saying power corrupt and absolute power corrupts absolutely? Halter will NOT be immune - Udall and Bennett haven't been so how is he different?

MAX - you are just listening to liberal talking points without checking them out - stop doing that! You make yourself look foolish! Here are three sites for your to check and learn that indeed Clinton and Albright as well as Bush thought there were WMD"s in Iraq. Then do this - smack yourself upside your head while saying DUH:




Now all of you, please stop drinking the liberal kool aid please!

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Posted by HSabin on 09/20/2014 at 8:11 PM

Re: “A lone survivor, no need for death, stormwater taxes, and more

Stormwater? Fee or tax? I am writing to urge all in the Springs to vote no on Ballot measure 1B. The proposal set forth by our city council in a 5 to 2 vote creates another government bureaucracy. It establishes an intergovernmental authority with Colorado Springs, Manitou, Green Mountain falls, Chipita Park and Fountain. Monument has opted out. It’s termed a fee, but in reality it is a tax. The fee will be imposed on impervious surfaces, i.e. roofs, pavement and concrete. No one will be exempt as all non-profits, churches, military installations and schools will be subject to this fee. It is written to sunset in 20 years, but the sunset can be postponed with a 2/3 majority vote of directors. 45% of the money is exempt from the sunset and will a charge that will remain forever. This is termed a fee, circumventing tabor, which means that this fee can be raised without voter approval. It sets up a 5 year review of impervious surfaces which tells me that there is no intention of making it a set fee. It is unfair to the residents of Colorado Springs as we will be paying the lion’s share of this authority yet be subject to the approval of the authority when we need funding for our storm water projects. It is 77% more expensive than the last storm water fee and it costs just less than we pay for all other services including police, fire and roads. I strongly urge you to vote no on 1B. We must handle this situation but this is NOT the way to do it.

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Posted by Publisherpikespeakregionlivingmagazine on 09/15/2014 at 10:42 AM

Re: “Ay pobrecito!

This is a ridiculous article!! My husband works hard and since I am home I can cook, clean and help support him also. When I was working, I did ask for his help which he willingly gave. There is NO right or wrong way to run a house and split duties - its up to the individuals involved.

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Posted by Publisherpikespeakregionlivingmagazine on 09/15/2014 at 10:11 AM

Re: “Robin Williams, Hickenlooper and fracking, sisters' gratitude, and more

Old Crank - Lamborn is NOT the worst ever. He does NOT deserve to be booted out of office.

What difference does it make that he didn't attend? The speech was almost exactly the same as the one given before. Why honor the liar that is Obama by showing up? Why waste your time? It took courage for him to do so and I applaud his action. Did you even listen to the speech?

And as far as the tar baby comment, he did not say Obama was one - go back and read the EXACT WORDS and you will see where you are wrong. WRONG! Hurts doesn't it to know you can't read correctly?

and the ACA should be repealed. Obama lied about most every provision in it including you can keep your doctors, hospitals and the premiums will drop 2500 a year. LIES all of them. Are you getting a subsidy from us taxpayers? Is that why YOU like it?

The bills in the House contain such onerous restrictions on our freedoms that I am delighted they are being held there . But to both groups, I say a pox on their heads as they are NOT doing their jobs. The ACA was pushed through against the majority of Americans who did NOT Want it. NOW next year premiums are going up 7.5%!! what happened to the "affordable" part of it?

TINY URL: this link doesn't exist. Guess why?

Now tell me how you think there is a war on women huh? You repeat talking points with NO PROOF. Do you even know what a fact is? If so, post your war on women facts. we are waiting to hear them.

The only one who has a war on women is Obama who pays his women staffers less than his men. Now who has a war on women?

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Posted by Publisherpikespeakregionlivingmagazine on 08/26/2014 at 10:17 AM

Re: “Robin Williams, Hickenlooper and fracking, sisters' gratitude, and more

Gary Casimir - Lamborn has done many things for the Springs that you do not want to recognize. Shame on you. In addition, with Harry Reid in the Senate refusing to take up the 350 bills waiting for the senate to debate and sign, nothing is getting done in Washington.
To citizens of the Springs - Vote anything but Democratic in 2014. Throw out Hickenlooper who is a total waste of a governor - he lost jobs and tax revenue, over rode the will of the citizens in getting a killer removed from society, and he generally has been ineffective in getting anything significant done for the state. Udall is just as bad. He never answers letters with anything but another form letter, he has his phony war on women nonsense and he has not brought home the bacon for Colorado - like Reid has done for Vegas. He also LIES like Hickenlooper.

Consider another party such as the GOP or TEA PARTY and vote for Beauprez and Gardener in 2014.

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Posted by Publisherpikespeakregionlivingmagazine on 08/23/2014 at 10:33 AM

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