Sixty Seconds with J. Loren


Indy: Unlike many bands whose music has a hard edge, Hurt has songs that are fairly complex, moving from quiet moments to sections where you rock pretty intensely. Have you always been drawn to this more epic style of songwriting?

JL: That's just my intuition. I like things to move and change. I certainly don't start something to try and make it complicated. I just hear what I want to hear, and it starts coming and then I want to make it so. I don't understand how people are satisfied with these little [concise] chorus songs.

Indy: Your current CD, Vol. II, from what I hear, had a near-calamity at the end of the project. What happened?

JL: I spiraled into a horrible depression when the album was done and we took it to a mixer and the mixer butchered the album ... I was completely devastated. And the producer [Eric Greedy] took the album. He was like, I can't believe this happened to this piece of work. He took the album and locked himself into a room and worked all day and all night and remixed it.

Indy: Your songs sound like they could be a challenge to re-create live. How do you make it work?

JL: Well, we're a very adaptable band, and we tend to kind of hit it commando style, so you never know exactly [what to expect] ... That's one of the things that enables us to play the same songs every night of our lives and still be able to evoke feeling with it. If we were sitting there playing to a metronome, watching our p's and q's every night, I would have to say that would probably get really old.

At the Black Sheep, June 18.


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