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I regret voting for Trump 

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I was born and raised in a Latin American country 75 years ago, under a dysfunctional political system. In 1963, at age 18, I came to this country, legally, to become a U. S. citizen five years later.

I am sure that in the close to 60 years of my life here in America, we have experienced political problems and dealt with them adequately. What is different for me and many in my shoes this time, is that I was never as afraid before, as I am now, of running into a blood thirsty racist, whether while shopping, or even attending church a service on Sundays.

I voted for Mr. Trump, only to find out that I do not adhere to his value system or level of character. Now, even though English is my second language, I can see what is being said during President Trump's impeachment process as being a matter of semantics. "Abuse of power" not being an impeachable crime. This is like questioning, what is a malignant cancer as opposed to being benign? According to President Trump and his followers, are we to say "GET OVER IT!"
As U.S. citizens become more divided each day?

Wouldn't making this country great be based on truth, honesty, and good policies for its people, as a whole, rather than a personal quest for power?

I listened to a local radio show this morning in which strong criticism was voiced against Democrats for being untruthful; but, what about the absence of truth when President Trump gives the country inaccurate information, such as "There were no Americans injured" during the recent incident in Iran?

Another matter of semantics here. It is not hatred toward President Trump that has been mobilizing people in their attempt to unite the country. I, for one, did vote for him, not being a Democrat at heart, but I am not deaf, blind or insensitive to the cries of many who are being affected by his apparent hunger for power at any cost.

Marcela Gaumer
Colorado Springs



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