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Re: “Another approach: charter schools

The data is in CSAP is a failure and has cost CO millons in taxpayer dollars yet they still push it on the public. Charter schools, like online schools, are an effort to privatize public education funded by billionaires like Bill Gates and Eli Broad. There's big money in education. Corporate money mongers have figured it out; McGraw-Hill almost has a monopoly. They create the curriculum, the text books and the tests. They send highly paid lobbyists to convince politicians they should buy into it. The only problem being those politicians aren't eductors and wouldn't know a good curriculum from a bad one. Privatizing education would create lots of little schools, segregating students and dumbing down education while padding the pockets of corporate CEOs and administrators all over the US. They are and will continue getting rich off the backs of our kids. Why wouldn't the government want to privatize education? It costs millions to build, staff, furnish, supply and insure a school.The only problem is public school is better for children than corporate run charter schools or online schools. An online school, unlike a real teacher can't reach into it's pocket and buy an impoverished child a coat or a lunch. 50% plus students leave online education after count day; the day that determines school funding. It just doesn't work for most kids but the funding doesn't move with the student who leaves for traditional public education. The funding stays with the failing online school and leaves traditional public school scrambling for additional money to educate and catch up incoming online students. Online has been a massive failure; just like CSAP but our tax dollars are still funneled into it. And, if your child doesn't take the CSAP/TCAP for whatever reason; online turns off the education your tax dollars paid for. There is a very big picture here that many fail to see. The difference between the 'haves' and the 'have nots' is education. The 'haves' go to private schools and get the great, well paid, teachers and all the amenities money can buy and the 'have nots' get standardized testing. Private school don't waste their time on standardized testing they actually spend their time teaching. There is a class war going on and education is what divides us. If the 'haves' keep the 'have nots' poorly educated or just educated enough to serve thus dividing us then the 'haves' stay the 'haves'. This country isn't a democracy; it's run by the 'haves'. It's run by greed and the Corporate Party of America. Government keeps us divided by whatever issue they think is important to the masses while quietly pursuing their real agenda; to stay the 1%. Education is the key. An educated and organized population is a scary thing to the 1%. Dont' buy into it. Don't allow your kids to take the mandated CSAP/TCAP or any of the district tests. Exercise your rights as a parent, under the 14th Amendment, and ask that they teach and not test. No one ever learned anything from taking a test; children learn from hands on education spent in class with a highly trained education professional who is paid what he or she is worth. This is how other countries do it and that's why they surpass the US on the PISA exams. Pisa is the international exam and the US has never done well on the PISA since it's inception. So why then are we continuing to spent the millions per state we spend on testing that isn't working? The countries which surpass the US spend their time teaching their students not testing them to death the way we do here. So, the next time the presidency looks a bit dynastic; ask yourself are they the 'haves' or the 'have nots'. When the President hires his Harvard, hoop shooting buddy to run the Department of Education having never taught a class; ask yourself are they the 'haves' or the 'have nots'. How and where were they educated? My guess is you won't see too many 'have nots' running the country. The 1% runs everything. The 1% controls education. The 1% therefore divides the country making the 1% strong so they stay in control. All children should have the same education as the children of the 1%. Education is everything.

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Posted by I saw the light on 01/17/2012 at 12:58 AM

Re: “Another approach: charter schools

My child went to Rocky Mountain Classical Charter Academy. He was denied enrollment after attending the school for 2 years. He has ADD, Asperger characteristics and Generalized Anxiety Disorder and has a 504 plan under the Americans with Disabilities Act. He was on the honor roll at school but due to his disability we refused standardized testing which was NOT required when we entered the school. All public schools in CO receive public funding but traditional public schools cannot make a child take a CSAP or TCAP if the parents refuse the test. Charter schools are public schools which are funded with our tax dollars and cherry pick students to manipulate their scores. My son was expected to pass the CSAP with flying colors which would offset the score of a child who did not pass. When we refused testing it angered the principal so she denied my son re-enrollment. My son is gifted and didn't need to take the test and we saw no reason to put him through six days of testing, due to his disability, so the school could make their quota. How can it even be legal for a public school to deny education to the children of the taxpayers who support it? Charter schools also have a plethora of other interesting facts. They're poor. They depend on partents to buy supplies and equipment. They often hire Teach For America(TFA) teachers. Those so called 'teachers' are high achivers in college recruited to serve a two year stint in public education. They are given a five week training course and 80% of them do not stay in education. They are virtually untrained and definitely uncertified to be teachers and don't know how to manage difficult students or classes; they don't have enough training. The byproduct of charter schools is segregation. We spent decades trying to integrate our schools and now charters are turning back the clock! Charters are also rampant with netotism and this is usually why they close or are financially unstable and lose the wonderful teachers and classes they brag about and that's exactly what happened to RMCA. In traditional public schools parents have rights; in a charter parents are asked to sign 'committment' letters signing their rights away. YOU DO NOT HAVE TO SUBMIT YOUR CHILD TO CSAP/TCAP TESTING IN COLORADO or district Scantron, NWEA or DIBELS for that matter. The US Supreme Court supports your right to guide your child's education which is protected by the Due Process Clause of the 14th Amendment; regardless of what the Colorado Department of Education says. This is still America and last I heard it's a free country. Know you rights www.thecbe.org

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Posted by I saw the light on 01/17/2012 at 12:10 AM

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