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Unless you live in Brooklyn, or know someone who supports himself by making and selling artisanal ketchup, ridiculing hipsters can be as easy as falling off a log.

They ride "fixies." They order drinks with bitters. The men's facial hair makes them look like they're losing fights with marmosets. And don't even get me started on whatever "normcore" is.

Yet the sense of self that can set hipsters apart on the sidewalk or at the bar actually may set them apart in the business world, too. As Elizabeth Nolan Brown puts it in this week's cover story, ("In praise of hipster sellouts") "Armed with ample self-confidence but hobbled by stagnant prospects, millennials may be uniquely poised to excel in an evolving economy where the freelance countercultural capitalist becomes the new gold standard."

Look, it's hard to argue with someone who finds app-building or pickle-making more interesting than working in a call center. The more jaded among us can call these types naïve for believing they can do well for themselves while doing good, but it doesn't seem very American to sneer at people who remain idealistic and fully grasp that the business of America is business.

So, to the haters: Rather than fretting that hipsters portend cultural doom, you might consider putting on your fake clunky glasses and saluting them.

And then maybe they'll let you have some of their fancy beer and chocolates.


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