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While writing this week's cover story (which you'll find right here), it occurred to me that I'd never interviewed a boy band before. And since We Are Not A Glum Lot's age range is 18 to 20, I now have.

Of course, you won't find the local band doing coordinated dance moves with slicked-back hair and matching faux-hop outfits when they play their debut album release show at the Ivywild School this Friday.

And since Disney is taking its time discovering them, they most likely won't be swinging on wrecking balls, or working with Swedish dance producers, or punching their limo drivers, or tagging innocent buildings in foreign countries anytime soon.

As it turns out, though, there were other things for us to talk about. Like how it is that a band can play 200-plus gigs over the course of five years and just now be releasing its first CD. Or what it's like to "learn" ridiculously primitive Misfits songs when you've been playing ridiculously complicated arrangements in your high school jazz band.

Or where exactly that name comes from in the first place.

Band members Sam Erickson and John Carey were able to speak about all of the above and more in an articulate and engaging way.

I'm guessing they're also a lot smarter and funnier than your average teen pop stars. Happily, I have no way of knowing.


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