IQ: Bare-knuckle battle 

Should a city provide just the bare essentials for its people? What are the bare essentials? If we could ever agree on any of this, perhaps our city wouldn't fall into such precarious financial positions.

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Cynthia Nimerichter
Motivational speaker

Broadmoor Hills

What would you chalk Colorado Springs' budget troubles up to? I think at the heart is the whole TABOR issue.

What services should a city be required to provide? Obviously the basics are fire and police protection. But I still think they should provide parks and museums, and cultural offerings, too.

What comes to mind when I say the name Douglas Bruce? He's strangling governments in Colorado.

If you had to cut the city budget, what would you cut first? I think that what they provide are essential services, and I'd like to see nothing cut.

Are you voting in the November election, and why? I do. I always vote, and I will vote yes for 2C and no on 300.

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Jonathan Mosley
Retail professional

Knob Hill

How familiar are you with the city's budget problems? There's been a lot of controversy about how funds are allocated and if they necessarily fall into the legal ramifications.

What would you chalk them up to? Insufficient management and no checks and balances.

What services should a city have the responsibility to provide? Transportation and maintenance of city-run buildings and roads, that sort of thing.

What comes to mind when I say Douglas Bruce? Tries to be an advocate for the city but seems to be a little out on a limb when it comes to some of his policies, which don't fit in with what the general population wants.

If you had to cut the city budget, where would you start? I certainly wouldn't have an idea where to start, and it doesn't seem the city officials have an idea where to start, either.

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Nichole Houghton
Administrative assistant


What should a city have a responsibility to provide? Basically, our city needs more funding for education. I think the biggest thing is education.

If you were to cut the city budget, where would you look first? I would start cutting personal expenditures to the politicians.

Do you intend to vote in the November election? I do. I think it's my civic duty. If I don't vote, I can't complain.


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