IQ: Breaking format 

While Lady Gaga and Justin Bieber continue to dominate the U.S. charts, Colorado College will add diversity with its World Music Series, featuring artists from Colombia and a couple American groups with an international flair.

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Rachel Hooper
Black Forest


What kind of music are you listening to now? Alternative, old school. I like Arcade Fire and Cake. Weezer, Billy Joel, Elton John, the Beatles.

What would be your ideal band to see in concert? That's a tough question. I like Explosions in the Sky. I think they'd put on a good show.

Do you ever listen to any non-American music? I like Manu Chao, but other than that not really. He's a singer who's [Spanish] and French. He sings funky, Bob Marley-esque stuff.

Would you want to attend CC's World Music Series? I love music festivals, so I would love to go.

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BJ Durance

Humane Society employee

What's on your iPod right now? I'm listening to Me First and the Gimme Gimmes. In fact, they're my favorite right now.

Is music important to you? Do you listen to it regularly? Anytime I get the chance. When I'm working out, driving to work. A lot.

What would be your favorite band to see in concert? I recently saw Blink-182, and that was awesome. Rob Zombie was a great show.

Do you listen to any non-American music? I like reggae music a lot.

Would you listen to other music from other countries? Sure. Music is music. It's universal. If it sounds good, it sounds good.

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Jesse Chang
New Jersey

Pharmaceutical consultant

What kind of music do you regularly listen to? The Beatles, Elton John. Oldies but goodies.

Is it an important daily thing for you? I listen to music all the time. I sing along in the car on my way to work.

What would be your ideal band to see in concert? I just saw Weezer not too long ago and I'm going to go see them again. They put on a really good show. A little short, but they're a really good group.

Do you ever listen to any non-American music? I used to listen to a lot of Rammstein, so some German. Some Chinese music like Jay Chou, that's more pop. And I listen to a lot from French composers, too.

Would you want to attend CC's World Music Series? Yeah, absolutely.


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