IQ: Code Orange 

Last weekend, the U.S. moved into a "Code Orange Alert" -- the second highest security threat on Homeland Security czar Tom Ridge's handy color chart. According to the government, terrorists are planning more assaults, possibly on hotels. But they aren't telling us how they know, and the media -- at least so far -- isn't asking.

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Joseph Barry Williamson
Manitou Electrician

How much do you trust the government's warnings about an imminent terrorist attack? 75 percent, I trust them pretty much.

Why has the media treated anti-war protesters as if their activities weren't legitimate? Because they think it would be anti-patriotic.

Is Saddam Hussein our number one threat? No. Our number one threat is the public not having enough knowledge. ... War and the military are big business.

Has the United States proven to be a destabilizing force to international peace?

I guess it has. Sometimes I wonder what gives the U.S. the right to go over and say that we're the big brother and that we want to look in your backyard.

What has the media under-reported during the war build-up?

The media doesn't tell us everything that there is to be told. They're not telling us the whys. But maybe society as a whole is really scared to know.

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Janine Jackson
West End Restaurant Manager

How much do you trust the government's warnings? I have got a lot of faith in our government.

Is Saddam our number one threat? I don't think so. It's that bin Laden.

Has the United States proven to be a destabilizing force to international peace? We are a stabilizing force. War is being thrown at us and we need to act.

What has the media under-reported? We don't have the nitty-gritty of the social cause behind this war, like where it all began and why it all started.

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Mimi Sanderson
Downtown Caregiver

How much do you trust the government's warnings? Not at all. At the end, the [terrorists] are working with us. We trained them, so they kick our butts.

Why has the media ignored anti-war protesters? Well, why does the media do anything? To sell papers. [Peace protests] just don't sell papers.

Is Saddam our number one threat? It's between him and bin Laden. But they are just decoys. China or Japan is back there in the caves doing these things. [They] are very savvy as far as not telling the left hand what the right hand is doing until the whammy.

Has the United States proven to be a destabilizing force to international peace? We can't just slap somebody on the hand and let 'em go on. We gotta stand up and say, 'You want to mess with us, we can do the same.'

What has the media ignored?

The media is used to make us think a certain way. It's all propaganda.


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