IQ: Colorful Colorado 

Welcome home to some of the nation's most famous mountain peaks and pristine forests, and the state where controversial Interior Secretary (and former James Watt protege) Gale Norton cut her political teeth as attorney general from 1988 to 1996.

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Ben Carpenter
Leadville Colorado College student

What is the most important environmental issue of our time? The rampant destruction of wilderness areas. It's going to go on until we don't have anything left.

Do you think the current administration's policies on deforestation are sound? No, not in the least. It seems that all we see are more roads being put up and more forests taken down. They've got a very shortsighted outlook.

Paper or plastic? Neither, thank you. I'll just go ahead and put it in my backpack.

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Dennis Philpot
Palmer Park Registered nurse

What is the most important environmental issue of our time? I'd say it's development -- if you keep destroying all the open land. Pretty soon all you have are cities. If you go to southern California your question pretty much answers itself.

What did you think of the job Gale Norton did as attorney general of Colorado? I don't know about then. She's secretary of the interior now, and I'd say she's pretty much the same as James Watt was. Very pro-business.

Paper or plastic? Plastic, usually. Not for environmental reasons. The plastic bags have handles.

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Miguel Barrera
Downtown University of Denver student

What is the most important environmental issue of our time? Probably the over-consumption of natural resources. It takes millions of years for coal and things like that to develop. If we continue to consume oil at the rate we are now, we've only got about a hundred years' worth.

Are the current policies on deforestation sound? I know that getting rid of a lot of the dry forest can possibly prevent wildfires, but there's always an issue of how much you do clear out. If you clear out too much the forest doesn't have time to regenerate.

How did Gale Norton do as Colorado attorney general? Honestly, I don't think I can remember any particular policies she had back then. I do know though that she has never been pro-environment, though.

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Bruce Deile
Homeless Former construction worker

What is the most important environmental issue of our time? Saving the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge. It's the last frontier, the last true wilderness that we have. Some people want to destroy it in order to get the oil that's there.

How did Gale Norton do as Colorado attorney general? I'm not sure, but I have contacted her about the Glacier National Park and its restriction on firearms. I believe that's wrong. People need firearms to protect themselves in that kind of environment.


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