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Comic strips and mags are formative forces in many of our progressions from idealistic youth to pragmatic middle age. The best of them -- Calvin and Hobbes, Bloom County, The Far Side, Mad, Zapp -- touched on underdog truths and life-on-the-margins scenarios that mainstream comics avoided. Doonesbury's characters matured through the years in a curve similar to our own -- from clueless kids to collegiate anti-war activists, to marriage, kids, divorce and dot-com yuppiedom.

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Tom Kelly
Chapel Hills Assistant principal at Palmer High

What's your all-time favorite comic strip? I'd have to say Dick Tracy. I liked its style of humor.

Is there a comic strip you follow at present? Funky Winkerbean. I used to be a band teacher and in that strip the band teacher is always getting it, especially from the coaches.

Which comic strip would you pick to get daily on a desert island? Probably Mad Magazine. It makes you laugh. I bought it regularly when I was a kid.

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Rod Holland
Peyton Helicopter pilot

What's your favorite strip? As a kid it was Prince Valiant. I liked the medieval story line and the stuff about helping damsels in distress. Now, I'd have to say it's Dilbert. I worked in industry for 25 years and Scott Adams' corporate satire cuts right to the chase.

What's the most inane comic strip? Cathy.

What comic strip would you choose for life on a desert island? Probably Far Side for its dark irony.

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Ryn Armstrong
North End Decorator

Is the purpose of a comic strip more to entertain or to provoke thought? The best do both. The one that did both best is Calvin and Hobbes. It was so clever the way it used the little boy and tiger to make us laugh at ourselves.

What comic would you take with you to a desert island? Probably The Far Side. I'd need its brand of humor -- the weird, totally off-the-wall perspective it brings to everyday situations.

What's the most inane strip? Peanuts. Or maybe Garfield.

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Sandra Stringfellow
West Side Artist

What strip have you followed most closely through life? Peanuts, though I don't buy newspapers much any more, especially the local one.

What strip appeals to you most these days? Probably Calvin and Hobbes, because it's so lifelike. And the part about being pals, best friends, really appeals to me.

What's the most inane strip? The most stupid one was Mallard Fillmore -- the one that pushed conservative politics. What's that guy's past?


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