IQ: Does not compute 

You'd think most of us would be lost if we had to conduct our day-to-day lives without cell phones or the Internet. But a lot of us seem to believe there'd be an upside to disconnecting, too.

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Scott Olson
Cheyenne Cañon


How much time do you spend on the Internet weekly? About 10 hours.

What site do you spend the most time on? Facebook. I have a passion for dolphins and whales, and I have a lot of friends on Facebook that I talk to about that.

Could you survive for a year without the Internet? Easily. I lived in a village in Hawaii for two years without electricity.

How would your life change without it? I'd feel a little more isolated.

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Cory Smith
Old Colorado City

Nonprofit employee

How much time a week are you online? About two hours a day.

What sites do you visit most? Facebook and Craigslist.

Do you know anyone who initiated a love relationship on the Internet? A good friend of mine met his wife online. They're happily married with two kids and living in Florida.

How much would your life change if you couldn't go online? Not that much. I often go on it out of boredom. Sixty to 70 percent of the time I'm on, it serves no real purpose.

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Claire Thorpe

Elementary school teacher

How many hours a week do you spend on the Internet? Maybe 15 minutes a week, mostly to check e-mails. I'm on Facebook, but I haven't used it in eight months.

Do you know any couples who met online? I have several friends who met that way and went on to get married. Two of them happened to be in the same church group, but they met each other first online.

Could you survive without the Internet for a year? It would be harder to look up information, but I'd feel less guilty about not keeping up with friends online.

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Sean Albert

Film professional

How much time do you spend on the Internet? Ten to 12 hours a day, looking for reference images on my job.

How about for personal use? To tell the truth, I'm on the Internet so much at work that getting back on it is about the last thing I want to do at home.

What site do you visit most? The Huffington Post, my homepage.


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