IQ: Dream City? 

With so many national publications citing Colorado Springs as one of the best places to live, let's pause the high-fiving and back-slapping for a quick reality check.

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Andrew Grindheim
Mountain Shadows

Residential painter

Is Colorado Springs truly one of the best places to live in the U.S.? In terms of natural beauty and easy access to the mountains, yes, but not job-wise. It's difficult to find work here.

Name another aspect wherein Colorado Springs comes up short. Pretty much the only thing to do at night for entertainment here is go to bars and drink, and that gets old.

What aspect of local life do you wish people gave more attention? Keeping the mountains clean. They're getting trashed, especially the Front Range.

Does any population group in town get too much attention? Yeah, the Christians. A lot of people think Colorado Springs is so conservative and Christian that they won't come here.

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Jerianne Heimendinger
Manitou Springs


In what way is this a top-tier place to live? I came here from New York City, and I love it that here it's not such a huge production to go to the theater.

Name a way that we're not so great. The politics get a little too ugly for me. I wish we were more civil around our disagreements.

Does any one person or group get too much attention? I think some anti-tax groups make it too difficult for the city to use funds effectively.

What could be done in the coming year to improve our town? More community gardens, more people growing their own food to eat well on limited budgets.

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Samuel Clark
Broadmoor area

Nonprofit professional

Are we really one of the best places to live in America? We are in that we have one of the best trail systems for hiking and biking, and they're accessible and not crowded.

Name something that could be better. Colorado Springs would rock if we had a downtown that did a better job of integrating all demographics and generations.

Does any one demographic get too much attention here? The military is a huge presence, but that's our economy. The reality is that this is a military town.

What could be done in the next year to improve Colorado Springs? Encourage people to engage more with people they're ignoring. This town is more diverse than you'd think, but people don't venture out of their respective spheres.


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