IQ: Eat your cake 

Some argue that math and science matter most in a child's education if he or she hopes to "succeed" in the real world. Others hold that if schools should prepare kids to live well and fully, exposure to art and music is essential.

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David Moorefield
Home remodeling Broadmoor

Do art and music benefit a child's core education? I lived in Europe for a number of years, and art and music play a much larger role in education there. It teaches the child self-expression and creativity, a holistic perspective they won't otherwise get.

What did art and music teach you? Music gave me a link to the past, an understanding of history that goes beyond geography and politics.

Has your study of art and music benefited you? The study of music allowed me to express myself in ways I never would have otherwise. It's made my life richer.

What's the coolest thing you ever made in art class? A black-and-white painting of a horse in sixth grade.

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Chris Duval
Spanish teacher Downtown

Do art and music benefit a kid's core education? They give kids a better sense of humanity than math and science alone.

Do you want your kids to have art and music? My daughter plays the violin. She's learned a little cultural history that lets her participate in the human conversation in ways I can't.

What's the coolest thing you ever made in art class? A rectangular, ceramic thing that I gave to my stepmom. I forget what she did with it.

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Jon Woodhams
Starbuck's employee, freelance editor Shook's Run

Are art and music valuable subjects? It really bugs me how athletics are never cut, no matter what the budget situation, but art and music are always first to go. Music and art are just as important as basketball or football, and they last longer.

Did your study of art and music as a kid benefit you? I play the piano at my church. It's enriched my life.

What's the coolest thing you ever made in art class? A ceramic penguin in the 7th grade.

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Dorothy Redding
Retired teacher Horace Mann neighborhood

Do art and music benefit core education? They encourage self-expression. It brings them out physically and mentally.

What exactly does a kid study in art or music? Exploration of color, form, shape. What they see in their world and how they interpret that.

What's the coolest thing you ever made in art class? I didn't have much art in school. I regret that now.


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