IQ: Feeling queasy 

People are starting to get sick about the sky-high cost of health care in this country. Sooner or later, someone has to take the public's temperature seriously.

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Dave Resch
Software engineer
Piñon Valley

Do you know anyone without health insurance? A few of my wife's art friends don't have it.

What's your position on universal health care? I'm not completely sold on it, but we need to somehow manage the cost and get more people covered.

If you were king, what change in health care would you make? Get medical costs under control -- hospitalization, treatment, drug prices.

What's your take on the United States providing universal health care for the Iraqis? I don't agree with what we've done in Iraq, but since we've done it, we have to support them until we turn their economy around and get them back on their feet.

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Kyle Purer (and pal)
Unemployed computer engineer

Do you have health insurance? No. I was laid off at WorldCom and they wanted a thousand dollars a month to Cobra it. Then the National Association for the Self Employed (NASE) turned us down because I have back problems.

What your view on universal health care? Given that the present system chooses not to cover me, I'd probably favor it.

What's your response to the United States giving universal health care to the Iraqis? It's quite funny -- think about the awesome amount of money we're spending per day over there and how little we're willing to spend on health care for our own people.

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Randy Lewandowski
High school teacher

Do you know anybody lacking health insurance? I know a lot of people dangerously under-covered.

What is universal health care? Socialized medicine wherein everybody is covered, no matter what. Like in Canada.

What's your view on that? It's a travesty that the richest country in the world has so many people who aren't covered or are seriously under-covered.

What about providing universal health care to Iraq? It's all politics used to justify our military agenda and manipulate world opinion.

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Patricia Vialpando
Food service worker

Do you have health insurance? I don't have enough hours at work to get benefits, and I can't afford it on my own.

Do you know others without insurance? Oh yeah. It's a nationwide problem.

Should we have universal health care? They have it in Canada. Why not here?

What single change would you make in the health care system? Reduce costs across the board by at least half.

What's your view on providing universal health care to Iraq? We should keep it in our own country.


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