IQ: Forget about the economy 

Forget about the economy -- at least that's what our commander in chief seems to want us to do. With all eyes on Iraq, closer to home the election campaigns are in full swing. In November, Colorado Springs voters will consider whether to honor labor leader Cesar Chavez -- and whether to send Joel Hefley back for a ninth term in Congress.

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Angie Kerns
Broadmoor area
Wal-Mart Employee

What do you think about bombing Iraq? I'm all for it. Kill 'em all and let God sort 'em out. They came over here and did what they did to us, and if we just sit back and let them do it, then all the other countries are going to think that we're weak. Let's show our muscle and go over there and kick some ass.

Closer to home, who is Cesar Chavez? I've heard the name, I just don't remember who he is.

How many days of vacation a year would you take in honor of Cesar Chavez? I'd like at least two weeks.

Which languages should be spoken in school? English, of course, because, I mean, we are in America.

Who is your congressman and what has he done for you? Obviously he ain't done nothin' for me because I don't even know who he is. They're not lowering my taxes any ... not finding me a better job, the economy stinks, unemployment is up. They haven't done a damn thing.

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Charles Bay

What do you think about bombing Iraq? If they don't allow us unfettered access to all the facilities, then we should go to war with them.

Who is Cesar Chavez? I believe he was a fella who promoted the rights of Hispanics in California, to improve their job conditions and living conditions.

How many days of vacation a year would you take to honor Cesar Chavez? None. We have enough holidays now. I don't see us becoming like France where they have a lot of holidays for everybody and they don't produce anything, and they have all kinds of social problems.

Who is your congressman and what has he done for you? Joel Hefley. He and I agree on most of the issues, but not all of them.

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Terry Barcelona
Garden of the Gods area

What do you think about bombing Iraq? It's a bad idea. We ought to give them an opportunity to let our weapons inspectors in there, and secure an overwhelming support from the United Nations.

Who is Cesar Chavez? He was a migrant farm worker working for the right of the migrants ... I believe. I get him and Ch Guevarra mixed up.

How many days of vacation a year would you take from him? None. I think holidays should be kept sacred.Which languages should be spoken in school? English. If you live in the United States then English should be your first language.

Who is your congressman and what has he done for you? Mary Ellen Epps, I believe. My congressman has obviously done nothing for me, otherwise I'd remember their name.


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