IQ: From 'I' to 'i' 

Electronic technology is becoming the center around which our lives circle. Now Apple is about to release the iPad, an electronic reader, media-player, computer and e-mail device rolled into one.

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Mike Kenny


Do you have any interest in buying the Apple iPad? I'd be interested in learning more about it — especially if, at $499, I can get someone else to pay for it.

Is the growing popularity of electronic readers a threat to printed books? I can't see them completely replacing traditional books. There's something so essential about popping open a book, holding it in your hands.

Are you glad your student days occurred years ago, or would you prefer being one with today's technology? I'm glad I was a student back when I was, but being able to access thousands of journals while sitting at my desk is sure a lot easier than the old way of researching them for hours on end in library stacks.

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Mary Piche

Artist and culinary professional

What do you know about the iPad? It does everything my phone and my iTouch does, but it's compact and faster.

Will electronic readers replace printed books? If you travel and read a lot, electronic readers are convenient. So far, though, I'm still a printed-book person.

Predict a future technological development. Computers that don't require a screen.

Are you glad you were a student years ago, or would you rather be one in this high-tech era? There was value in the process of planning out and digging for information like we had to do. Students today rely almost entirely on the Internet. I think it kind of narrows them.

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David Meliti
Manitou Springs

Business owner

Are electronic readers a threat to printed books? They're a big threat. There's a trend away from printed material. Online news is eroding newspaper circulations. Personally, though, I'd rather read leisurely in my easy chair than stare at a computer screen.

What's the fanciest technology you use? My laptop. Mostly I use it for the chess club I direct: building Web pages, putting out a weekly newsletter.

Are you glad you were a student years ago, or would this high-tech era be preferable? Being a student is a completely different ballgame these days. There's so much more information directly available, but I wonder if less of it is being absorbed.

Predict a significant technological change within the next 10 years. We'll be entirely wireless.


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