IQ: Gatorade or lemonade? 

For some people, a summer day in paradise means climbing into a hammock for some leisure reading and a nap. For others, it means mountain-biking, rock-climbing or running on mountainside trails.

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Yonathan Hernandez
U.S. Army


Have you ever done the Manitou Incline? Several times. I love climbing, and that's one of the hardest around. I'm sore for days afterwards every time. I take my dogs along and they get all kinds of attention.

Should the Incline remain open to public use? It's pretty packed every time I go. People are respectful of the site, and it's a great way to meet people.

What's the most challenging-but-fun thing you've done? A 110K mountain bike marathon when I was stationed in Korea — the highlight of my two years there.

Are you more the sunbathing reader or the exercise-and-sweat type? I'd much rather go out and do something to make me sweat, get those endorphins going. You feel great afterwards.

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Molly Kieschnick


Have you ever done the Manitou Incline? No, but it's on my monitor as something I eventually want to do.

Name the most physically challenging thing you've done. Giving birth to my son. Also, running the Colorado Marathon in Fort Collins a few weeks back with my husband. It was my first.

Which is more your idea of paradise on a summer day: reading a novel in a hammock or getting out there to sweat and exert? I'd rather be out there exerting and sweating. I grew up with an active lifestyle. It's in my bones.

What's the best summer activity in these parts? We like hiking the Crags and Mueller State Park.

Name the best possible reason for heavy breathing. Lifting all the money you just inherited.

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Luke Magnuson
Art teacher


What's the most fun, but challenging, thing you've done? Whitewater rafting the Nile River. I was over there because my parents were there training missionaries. It's insane — some of the best whitewater in the world.

Which is more your style on a leisurely summer day: reading a novel in a shady hammock or sweating profusely while exercising? Laying in a hammock is boring. I'd much rather sweat and exercise.

Cite some fun outdoor activities around here. We canoed Eleven-Mile Reservoir yesterday, and we're rock climbing in Red Rock Canyon today.

Name the best reason you can think of for heavy breathing. Naked Pilates.


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