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Do you ever wonder where those urban horror stories come from? You know, like the one about the guy who got a deep-fried rat along with his bucket o' chicken? Or how about the mouse head found in the fast food chili? Still, we consumers mindlessly gobble down mystery-meat fast food burgers by the gross, and some of us -- like the guy in the Carl's Jr. commercial who peruses a grocery produce section in befuddlement -- would be lost without fast food. Is this what we've been reduced to?

click to enlarge Jeff Boswell
  • Jeff Boswell

Jeff Boswell

Hood: Manitou
Home theater installation

How often do you eat fast food? I work downtown, so at least once or twice a week.

What's your grossest fast food experience? One time, while using the drive-through window at McDonald's, I witnessed the cooks deliberately putting hair and spit on hamburgers.

What's your fast food chain of choice? It depends on my mood. Usually either Carl's Jr., SS Subs or Subway.

How would your eating habits change sans fast food? I'd bring my lunch to work more often.

What's your best fast food advice? Never eat fast food downtown at any time when Palmer High School has just let out.

click to enlarge David Neese
  • David Neese

David Neese

Hood: Northeast
Electronics manufacturing

How often do you eat fast food? Not very often. Once every three days.

What's your grossest fast-food experience? I've heard some pretty disgusting stories, but nothing has happened to me personally. One time, in a regular restaurant, I was served raw chicken.

How would your eating habits change sans fast food? I'd have a good meal at home more often. I have a 3-year-old kid who loves McDonald's, though.

What's your best fast food advice? Stay away from the greasy burgers. Stick with the sandwiches. Salad is good.

click to enlarge El El Seer Israel
  • El El Seer Israel

El El Seer Israel

Hood: Downtown
Prophet, traveling preacher

How often do you eat fast food? There was a time when I did several times a week, but now I'm vegetarian, and fast food places don't accommodate vegetarians very well. And when they do, the help puts their hands on meat and then on the salad stuff. Vegetarians don't like that.

How did your eating habits change in the post-fast food era of your life? I eat at home a lot more, which is a good thing. It's less convenient, but it's a lot healthier.

What would you like to see more of in terms of fast food? Veggie burgers, veggie dogs. Something besides just salad.

click to enlarge Elizabeth Carrington
  • Elizabeth Carrington

Elizabeth Carrington

Hood: North End
Colorado College student

What's your grossest fast food experience? A group of friends and I got food poisoning at Wendy's after eating there late one night. We were hungry, and nothing else was open.

How often do you eat fast food? I haven't had a bite of fast food since then, and don't plan to. That was about six months ago.

How has it changed your eating habits? I'm a cyclist, and I eat a lot healthier now. I think more about what I eat.


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