IQ: Hindsight is 4.0 

College inarguably gives a great boost to the career-minded, and memorable stories to the beer-minded. Most of us would choose to go (or go back) tomorrow, if given the chance.

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Rob Wrobel

Unemployed mortgage banker

Relate a standout college memory. Getting all As on my first report card. And driving down to Boulder to see my now-wife, whom I'd just met, spending the night there, and then driving back to UCCS for my first-period class. I pulled into the parking lot and promptly fell asleep there until I was awakened by my professor as he walked past me after class.

What, in hindsight, do you wish you'd done differently? Double-majored. I majored in finance, and that's been a rough go recently.

Name the best-ever college movie. Good Will Hunting. I relate to Matt Damon as the kind of guy for whom things didn't click until he got to college.

Where would you go to college now if you could go anywhere? I'd go to Harvard because their graduates make the highest incomes.

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Victoria Stowell
University Park


What's your best college memory? The parties. I had a good time dancing and a few other things I wouldn't want my students to know. I studied just as hard as I partied, though.

Looking back, what would you do differently in college? I'd take more risks. I waited until my last semester to do an exchange program in England. I wish I'd done that sort of thing earlier and more often.

What's your favorite college movie? Revenge of the Nerds. I married one.

What's the best advice you could share with incoming freshmen? Learn how to manage your time. Partying is fun, but you have to learn how to party, work, and still get your studies done.

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Jeff Glaser
Bicycling across the U.S.

Recent college grad

Looking back, what's something you'd do differently in college? I wouldn't take any student loans and I'd go to a community college. You can get an amazing education at a community college if you put the necessary work into it. Also, I'd take time off before college to do some sort of work-exchange in Central or South America.

What's the best-ever college movie? Into the Wild. Real life starts after you graduate and have to soul-search about what you really want from life.

What's your best advice for incoming freshmen? The best state of mind you can bring to college is being scared shitless, because that makes you push yourself and learn what you're made of.

— Bob Campbell


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