IQ: Home on the range 

Most of us have probably fantasized about being a primo cook, cooking for a living, or sharing the rent with someone who lives to cook. Most of us are still fantasizing.

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Shelley Duardi
Manitou Springs

Gardener at nursery

What's the hardest thing about restaurant work? Not drinking on the job.

If you got a scholarship to culinary school, would you take it? Oh yeah. Food is necessary to life and the pursuit of happiness. It'll never go out of style.

What are your best and worst cooking experiences? When I cooked Italian in large quantities, I ate pasta 3 or 4 times a week and porked out. My best experience was alkaline — preparing raw veggies and fruits, lots of water. That was really healthy.

Would you rather be married to a really good cook or a really good mechanic? Could I be married to one and have the other for a lover?

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Bill Robertson
Woodland Park

Textbook author

Have you worked in a restaurant? I did when I was in between grad schools and living in Steamboat Springs.

What were the best and worst parts? The worst was getting up at 4 a.m. The best was getting to ski every afternoon.

What's your worst cooking experience? When I tried to thicken spaghetti sauce with corn starch.

Name something you wish you could cook perfectly. Steak. I can never get steak right.

If your kid wanted to go into your line of work, what would you tell him or her? A strong science background is essential. Writing you can learn, but you can't pick up science on the fly.

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John Duprey
Vista Grande

Mortgage banker

Describe your best and worst cooking experience. The worst was the first time I cooked duck. I had no idea how fatty they are. My best was a recent camping trip at the Great Sand Dunes, where we cooked filet mignon and lobster tails and drank good wine in a beautiful setting in great company.

What would be the perfect training session for your present job? Take everybody to Hawaii, hold classes on the beach, and cut everybody loose early.

If your kid showed interest in your line of work, what would you tell him or her? Go to med school, become a doctor.

Would you rather be married to a really good cook or a really good mechanic? You can always buy a good meal, but a really good mechanic is scarce.

— Bob Campbell


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