IQ: I've got a proposal for you 

Concerned partisans ring your house five times a day and everyone you know is either ranting madly or blissfully unaware of the storm brewing overhead. Here's how a few locals really, truly feel about Election Day — with a college-game twist.

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Sara Long Pueblo

Massage therapist

Which races or ballot issues have you been following? I'm a little lost. I've been seeing all these ads and everything, and it all sounds like bad news. All of it. Nothing sounds encouraging.

Who's the slimiest politician on your radar? Man, I can't even think of his name. It might be Ken Buck. That one that wants to take away from education to put into the prisons. It's like, if we put [money] into education, we won't have criminals to take care of!

Hickenlooper, Maes and Tancredo: shoot, shag or marry? I guess I would marry the Democrat, I'd shoot the Republican, and I'd shag the other one. And that's just using logic, not knowing anything about any of them.

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Eric Hallam Briargate


Do you talk politics with friends or family? Not very often. They're not really that interesting to me, honestly.

Your friends, or their politics? Politics. We elect people to do the best they can, hope that they do that, and that's all you can do. I think it is kind of sad that we spend four years bagging on whoever the president is. I mean, Bush did the best he — in general — could; Obama's done the best he can. It seems like a month into Obama's term people had bumper stickers that said "I hate Obama," or "How do you like your change," or whatever. He's the guy; you might as well support him for four years.

Hickenlooper, Maes and Tancredo: shoot, shag or marry? I really don't know enough about either one to do that. I guess I would shoot the Democrat, have the fling with the independent, and probably marry the Republican.

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Bruce Barbarick Monument


Do you talk politics with friends or family? Yes. By and large we think similarly, but a couple of my in-laws ... But that's OK. I like to tweak them a little bit, get them going.

Who's the slimiest politician on your radar? I have some issues with Maes. He just doesn't seem to be honest. I don't agree with the politics of Hickenlooper and some of those people, but they don't upset me. They seem to be decent folks. But he [Maes] bothers me a little bit.

Hickenlooper, Maes and Tancredo: shoot, shag or marry? I would get rid of Maes permanently. I would stay the rest of my life with Tancredo. And that leaves one for Hickenlooper.

A one-night stand with Hickenlooper? [Laughs.] Yeah.


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