IQ: Less is more 

As the economy sinks further south worldwide, people are increasingly inclined to conserve, re-use, use longer, repair, make do, grow their own.

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Tim Kranz
Manitou Springs


What have you done to be environmentally friendly? I sold my truck and got a Subaru wagon that gets better mileage. I use my bike more instead of driving everywhere. I also put in a wood stove this year.

Your most wasteful habit? Going skiing. That's a good hour-and-a-half driving each way.

If you could, how would you make things more "green"? Big parts of Canada use a common beer bottle, which they recycle and reuse numerous times. A vanishingly small percentage of bottles are recycled here, and it takes twice the energy to make a bottle from sand than from recycled glass.

Would you consider being vegetarian? It's good to lean in that direction, but I like meat.

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Denise Ellsworth

Preschool teacher

In what way, lately, have you conserved? We're in the process of replacing all our windows with ones having heat-retention coating. We bag our garbage and our plastic bags separately. Our church is trying to go green. One of my daughters is modeling recycled clothes on Earth Day.

Name your most wasteful habit. I have an SUV. Also, using paper towels.

In what way would you like to be more green? I'd install solar panels. I'd donate more money to Environment Colorado.

Is there any real difference between home-grown and store-bought food? Agribusiness is over-cultivating soils, not giving it a chance to lie fallow. It's making store-bought vegetables and fruits increasingly low in nutrients.

Would you consider being vegetarian? I've been one before. My college freshman daughter is an ardent vegetarian and a member of PETA.

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Dave Shahan
Patty Jewett

Massage therapist

How have you been environmentally friendly this past year? Recycling clothes by donating them to Cuban refugees.

Identify your most wasteful habit. Not composting our garbage.

How would you make America greener? I'd help to make homes more energy-efficient.

Do you grow your own food? I did back when I had space to do it. I enjoy the process of taking food from planting seeds to eating it fully grown. It makes you more personally invested in what you eat.

Would you consider being vegetarian? I was for a long while, but when I had kids, I decided they need the whole range of foods.

What do you wish was recyclable? Cars — the worst thing on the planet at present.


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