IQ: Let's spoon 

In restaurants, as in relationships, what one person is seeking may be very different from the next. And some of us may not even know what we've been waiting for until it's served to us with a side of haricots verts. Or fries.

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Andrew Detch

Charter school teacher

Rate the restaurant scene in Colorado Springs compared to other places you've lived. I've lived in Chicago and in Providence, Rhode Island, which are tough to compete with in that regard. There's pretty good diversity here, but nothing terribly special.

What's your favorite little-known local eatery? Trinity [Brewing Co.]. They serve everything from buffalo sliders to vegan salads.

Which high-pressure gig would you prefer: chef at a tony restaurant or air traffic controller? I'm an aviation nut, so I'd be the air traffic controller. Kitchens are too hot.

If you knew it was your final meal on Earth, which local restaurant would you eat it in? MacKenzie's Chop House. They do a good steak.

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Sarah Richardson

City firefighter/paramedic

Compare Springs restaurants with those of other cities you've lived in. We don't hold a candle to Boulder, which has far better local cuisine. Here, chains are big.

What's your favorite holiday treat? Mashed potatoes and gravy. I eat healthy the rest of the year.

Is there a cooking show or personality you follow? I watch 'em all, but I especially like Giada [De Laurentiis], who does Italian, and Rachael Ray, who does healthy meals in 20 minutes.

Would you rather deal with the job stress of being a chef or an air traffic controller? I choose the stress of being a firefighter. In cooking, customers are prone to nitpick and find fault. Being a firefighter, everyone's glad to see you.

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John Duprey
Vickers & Academy

Semi-retired mortgage banker

Rate the restaurant scene here compared to other places you've lived. The quantity is good, but quality is limited.

What's your favorite little-known local restaurant? Bistro de Pinto, on Kiowa Street downtown. It's very small, but the food and service are excellent, and they mix up the menu a lot.

Which would be worse: the stress of being a chef or of being an air traffic controller? I'd be the chef. Air traffic controllers are responsible for people's lives. Chefs are only responsible to people's taste buds.

If you had 24 hours to live, where would you eat your final meal? The Macaw River Eco Lodge in Belize — the best meal I've ever had, and if I'm going to go, I want it to be in some place tropical.


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