IQ: Living on thin air 

Colorado's one of the most affluent states in the country, yet we're last or almost-last in funding for the arts, for education and for drug rehabilitation treatment -- even while our prisons are bursting at the seams with drug offenders. Is our tax money going to where it's needed most?

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Thos Lesser
West Side
Special events administrator at CC

Colorado ranks last or almost last in funding for education, the arts and drug rehabilitation treatment. Where, then, is our tax money going? I doubt many people know how to answer that question. A lot of it seems to go into running and administering government.

A recent survey on obesity found Colorado the skinniest state in the union. What accounts for that? Boulder. They're famous for being healthy, outdoorsy types. There's a lot of runners and mountain-biking types here in Colorado Springs, too.

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Korry Aleingartner
West Side
Computer programmer

Given Colorado's lack of funding for education, the arts and drug rehabilitation treatment, where is our tax money going? Our roads are bad, our schools are largely underfunded, so not there. That's a good question -- where is our tax money going?

Should we be embarrassed about our rankings in these areas? I don't know that we should lead the nation in funding those categories, but we should be embarrassed about being dead last, probably.

What should our taxes be spent on? Quality of life issues like schools, roads, open space, controlled growth.

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Lori DiPasquale
North End
Decorative painter

What's Colorado's tax money being spent on? Well, it doesn't seem to be on roads. And not on public transportation, certainly. Nor on affordable housing or the homeless. Education is doing a little better, but it needs more.

Should we be embarrassed about our funding priorities? Absolutely. Aren't you?

What should our taxes be going toward? Drug rehabilitation is important for many social reasons, including crime. Education needs more funding if we're going to take care of our future. Exposure to art benefits society. Public and alternative transportation is crucial. So is help for the homeless.

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Penney Poole
Office specialist
Penrose Community

What's Colorado's tax money being spent on? They have good roads here. People might complain about them, but I've lived in other cities where that's their last concern.

What should our taxes be spent on? They could be putting a little more money into education.

Just last week, Colorado was named the skinniest state. What gives there? A lot of people that live in Colorado, you know, live here because of the different things to do, and they stay fit because of their activities -- skiing, hiking, bike riding ... I don't think they're starving to death.


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