IQ: Over the hill? 

What if you turned 40 and nobody cared? We wondered if that was the current scenario facing Earth Day, which debuted in 1970 and will be celebrated again April 22. Turns out, maybe we shouldn't have worried.

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Frank Wallaker
Stetson Hills

Nightclub day manager

Do you commemorate Earth Day? I go over to my mom's and plant a tree.

Is there an energy-saving practice you do regularly? I recycle, and I'm thinking of moving downtown in order to drive less and ride my bike more.

Would you rather see Rush Limbaugh or Al Gore as energy czar? Rush Limbaugh seems more together and conscious of what's going on with the environment.

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Ronnie Lewis

Project manager

Do you commemorate Earth Day? I'm part of a corporate sustainability group at Hewlett-Packard that does Earth Day presentations to showcase things HP does as steward of the environment.

Describe the energy situation 50 years from now. It'll be bleak if we haven't switched over to renewable energy.

If it were a gift, would you choose a Prius or a Hummer? I'd take slow death from pollution over fast death in an unsafe car.

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Dee Fowler
Lower Skyway

Library development officer

Do you practice energy conservation? I recycle, I shop at consignment stores, and I work for the library, the ultimate recycler.

Describe the energy situation in 50 years. I'm hoping we'll have discovered a clean, efficient energy that preserves the world for my granddaughter's grandchildren.

Is Colorado Springs an ecologically friendly place? We're working on it. A lot of individuals care and try to be green.

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