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The Libertarian Party -- which was born right here in Colorado Springs 30 years ago -- found a warm body to run in just about every local office this year. But when you see them stumping, it seems like they all hammer on the same three things: legalizing drugs, waving their guns around, and completely dismantling government.

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Bill Mead
Skyway Heights

What does the Libertarian Party stand for? Less government. Protecting the rights of people against the government.

How do Libertarians differ from Republicans or Democrats? Democrats want more government, Republicans want less government, so Libertarians are probably a little closer to the Republicans. However, Libertarians want less rules all around, whereas the Republicans want to keep the rules they like.

Which do you think is most important for America: protecting gun rights, legalizing drugs or dismantling government? I'm not a Libertarian, but I suspect they'd think that dismantling government would pretty much solve legalizing drugs and protecting gun rights.

Name a Libertarian candidate running for any office. I don't think I can.

Would you ever vote Libertarian? There's always the possibility, I suppose, but I'm much more likely to vote Democratic. I'm probably more receptive to Libertarians than Republicans, though. It would depend on the candidate.

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Darren Secrest
Surgical technologist
Cheyenne Mountain

What does the Libertarian Party stand for? They want limited government, they're fiscally conservative and they're socially liberal.

Which is most important to Libertarians: protecting gun rights, legalizing drugs or dismantling government? Legalizing drugs. They think drug laws are a huge government intrusion.

What can Libertarians add to the political debate? There's always room for new ideas and dissension.

How do Libertarians differ from Republicans and Democrats? On social issues they're much further to the left than Democrats and on financial issues they're further to the right than Republicans.

Can you name a single Libertarian candidate? No.

Would you consider voting for a Libertarian candidate? I don't think a Libertarian could win, and it would be wasting my vote.

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Janida Murphree
Colorado College
Retired speech pathologist

What does the Libertarian Party stand for? I haven't a clue.

What can Libertarian candidates bring to the political debate? The media covers up a great many of the current issues. The Republicans and Democrats want things covered up. Perhaps the Libertarian Party would uncork the truth.

Name a Libertarian candidate. I can't.

Have you ever voted for a Libertarian candidate? I have not.

Should Libertarians have an automatic place in public candidate debates? We certainly need a new voice because Republicans and Democrats care only about looking good while doing what they damn please.


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