IQ: Road Rage 

Everyone hates traffic. Even worse is the recent news that El Paso County won't get a half-billion in promised highway dollars for at least seven more years. What to do?

--Adam Krefting

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Alicia Harris
Garden of the Gods

What do you think about the fact that El Paso County just lost more than $500 million in promised highway money? That's terrible. Our population has grown and our roads can't support it.

Whose fault is it? It's between the politicians and the populace. People are turning their sight away from where it should be and not voting.

What should be done about traffic on Interstate 25? I-25 does need some improvements ... but it is going to take money to do that, and people have to understand that taxes are going to have to be raised to get that money.

How many people do you carpool to work with? I carpool, generally, with one or two people.

How long is your commute? 25 to 35 minutes.

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Dennis Immer
Black Forest

What should be done about traffic on I-25? I know it's a mess, because I travel it every day. In hindsight, it would have been better had they expanded the freeway to four or more lanes all the way through. At this point...they could have another north-south corridor, perhaps the extension of Powers, something a little bit further west that takes the burden off I-25.

Whose fault was it that El Paso County just lost more than $500 million promised highway money? If it was a state decision, then I'd blame the state. Maybe the local government, in terms of fighting [for dollars] with the Denver area.

What do you think about the city's public transportation system? For me, it's unusable. Even when we lived in the Springs, the number of bus stops just wasn't sufficient -- not close enough for me to use them.

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Hillary Studebaker

What do you think about El Paso County's lost highway money? It seems that somebody didn't do their job.

Whose fault is it? Dan Stuart comes to mind.

What should be done about traffic on I-25? More bicycles. Not on the highway, you understand, just in general.

What do you think of the city public transportation system? I wish they had more routes, and I wish there was a light-rail ... from at least Pueblo to Fort Collins.

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Kenneth Reed
West Side
Production Supervisor

What do you think about El Paso County's lost highway money? It's terrible because the roads need the work.

Whose fault is it? First of all, they need to pass a helmet law. If they would receive the helmet law, they would receive all federal funds for highways. We've lost millions of dollars because there is no helmet law.


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