IQ: Secret gardens 

We all have our what-if daydreams, harmless indulgences and private rituals to get us through the daily grind. Quirky or endearing, kinky or mundane, our secret peccadilloes are individualizing, charming and eminently human -- though we might be mortified and our "cool" blown to hell if anybody knew them.

click to enlarge Rod Hemsell
  • Rod Hemsell

Rod Hemsell
Hood: Downtown
Education administrator

Name your guilty pleasure. I'm a yogi. My pleasures involve the higher pursuits. I admit to enjoying a beer at Il Vicino every now and then, though.

What bad habit would you like to lose? I've shed all my bad habits.

What pleasure would you indulge if you won the lottery? The most pleasurable indulgences aren't physical. I'd build a retreat in the mountains and invite everyone to come enjoy meditation. I'd climb sacred mountains in India.

Would striking it rich lead to a healthier or more decadent lifestyle? I'd no longer have to take periodic breaks from my yogi life in the mountains to work in the city, breath toxic fumes and spend endless hours serving others in meaningless pursuits.

click to enlarge Heidi Fredell
  • Heidi Fredell

Heidi Fredell
Hood: Downtown
College student

What's your guilty pleasure? I like to clean the house naked when no one's home.

Name a bad habit you'd like to lose. I'm not so sure it's a bad habit, but I need to cut back on sex a little. I really do.

Name a pleasure you'd indulge if you won the lottery. I'd take my friends out to do whatever they want.

Would your lifestyle become healthier or more decadent if you struck it rich? I'd have lots of animals and I'd build a theme park in back of my house. Is that healthy or decadent?

click to enlarge Carma Loontger
  • Carma Loontger

Carma Loontger
Hood: Downtown

Name your guilty pleasure. I crave sugar -- candy, desserts, you name it. I also like to watch dumb sitcoms, The King of Queens in particular.

What's a bad habit you'd like to lose? Chewing my fingernails.

What pleasure would you indulge if you won the lottery? I'd hire a professional masseuse and travel nonstop.

Would your lifestyle take a turn toward health or toward decadence if you struck it rich? I'd spend a lot more on preventive medicine and hire people to tell me how to live healthier. I'd also eat out all the time, and not at health food restaurants, either.

click to enlarge Bette Ann Albert
  • Bette Ann Albert

Bette Ann Albert
Hood: Broadmoor area
Artist, mother, wife

What's your guilty pleasure? The older I get the more fascinated I am by the Enquirer and such. I won't buy those mags, but I read them with great interest in the grocery store checkout line.

How would you indulge yourself if you won big in the lottery? I'd buy a bunch of houses. One on a mountaintop with ski slopes descending on one side and a panoramic view on the other. I'd buy a villa in Hawaii and a chateau in Provence. I'd also buy a small cabin for when I need simplicity and seclusion.


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