IQ: Sizzlin' 

Sit back, drink a lemonade and watch the fireworks light up the sky. Welcome to July in Colorado Springs.

click to enlarge Percy Pellerin
  • Percy Pellerin

Percy Pellerin
Web designer
Hood: Colorado Springs

What's your closest almost-got-struck-by-lightning story? We were in my Ford truck, and we had all our stuff in the back. We had a big tarp covering it. The wind was really blowing bad and lightning bolts were shooting all around us and the back of the tarp tore off the back of the truck.

If you could pick one thing to be struck by lightning, what would it be?

A rock ... I heard you can go out after a lightning storm and find shards of metal that have been shaped, formed by lightning bolts.

What celebrity do you just know was struck by lightning?

Guitarist Johnny Winter.

click to enlarge Dick Noyes
  • Dick Noyes

Dick Noyes
Owner of Chinook Bookshop
Hood: Upper Skyway

What's your closest almost getting struck by lightning story?

When I was a boy, 100 years ago, on top of Longs Peak. There were about six of us, and lightning was bouncing off the rocks, this close. It went on for about 20 minutes. I sort of thought our time had come.

If you could pick one thing that you'd want to have struck by lightning, what would it be?

I think I would like it to be the Focus on the Family headquarters. I think the worst thing that has happened to Colorado Springs in the last 20 years is the arrival of Focus on the Family. Not its organization, so much as the fact it opened the doors to numerable other extremely right wing Christian organizations. And they have been, in my opinion, a very negative force in Colorado Springs.

Who was Nikola Tesla?

He was a scientist. His specialty was electricity, lightning. He was one of the early pioneers in exploring the intricacies, the aspects of lightning and trying to harness this energy. And, of course, he lived here for a long time, many years ago.

click to enlarge Nicolas Caballero
  • Nicolas Caballero

Nicolas Caballero
YMCA reception desk, lifeguard
Hood: Colorado Springs

What was your closest call to being struck by lightning?

I was golfing. We were out on the ninth hole. It just hit right over the hill.

It didn't hit anybody, but it was really close. It was really loud.

What celebrity do you just know was struck by lightning?

Jim Carrey

Who was Nikola Tesla?

You know, I couldn't tell you. Nicola Tesla ... she was that one Russian ice skater, right?

-- Scott Medvin and Amanda Miller


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