IQ: Something in the air 

Lately, media personalities and outlets are making news as often as they're reporting it. Last week, Newsweek set the right atwitter with its Sarah Palin-in-running-shorts cover, and Oprah announced her upcoming exit. And of course, talk radio's never dull ...

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Russell Sewell

Unincorporated El Paso County

Garage-door company owner

Assess the current state of talk radio. Some talk radio could stand to be a little less political and a little more informative, but a good level of debate is a good thing, right?

Who are your favorite talk radio hosts? Dennis Prager and Michael Medved. They're both conservative, but they do more than just political stuff. Medved has a conspiracy day on his show whenever the moon is full, and Prager recently did a whole hour on the situation in Honduras.

What is your primary source of news? Talk radio and the Internet. Newspapers are going the way of the dodo.

Are you going to miss Oprah's show? I used to watch her show when I worked nights, but I haven't seen it in 10 or 15 years.

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Aimee Liotino
West side


Describe the current state of talk radio. It's mostly biased and one-sided.

How do you get your news? The Internet and NPR. I don't have a TV. Sometimes I read the newspaper.

Assess the Gazette at present. I like that they're community-oriented and feature local news more, and that they've moved a little closer to center than before.

Will you be sad to see Oprah go? Oh no! I wasn't aware that she's going! That's so sad. She's an amazing, open-hearted person who does a lot for people.

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Bob Emling
Hazelwood, Mo.

Air conditioning salesman

Is there a talk show host you regularly tune into? Sean Hannity and Lou Dobbs. You get a lot of information from them that you're not likely to get from mainstream radio.

Do you rely on talk radio for news? I get it off the Internet, the radio and TV, in that order.

What's your read of the Sarah Palin/Newsweek flap? It's funny how she's getting all this attention and she's not even governor anymore. The Democrats are scared to death of her. I'm kind of tired of it, though. Get back to the issues.

Will you miss Oprah? She has a ton of viewers, and heaven knows she has a ton of money. I never watch her, though.


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