IQ: Spreading the wealth 

Sure, people have scaled back their spending, but wallets will open again when the holidays arrive. And this week's Best Of categories highlight dozens of local stores. Coming in '10: Best Place for Doggles.

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Candi Otwell
Administrative assistant


How much shopping do you do online versus in store? I pretty much never shop online. I guess I'd rather go out for the shopping.

Have you ever worked at a small or locally owned business? Yes. I liked working at a small business more just because of the environment, the bonding, and it's just not as bureaucratic.

If someone gave you $500, where would you go and spend it? I'd probably spend a good portion of it on movies and CDs.

Can you think of a local store that you feel is unnecessary? Manitou is going to hate me, but they have this creepy pet place that sells all sorts of dog clothes and "Doggles."

When you do go shopping, where do you go? I like to go downtown, or the Manitou area just to browse. I'll probably do a lot of my Christmas shopping in Manitou. They have a bunch of unique places.

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Courtney Patterson
Food-service worker

South side

How much shopping do you do online versus in store? I do way more shopping in store than online. I like to know what I'm getting.

If somebody gave you $500, where would you spend it, and on what? A lot of it on iTunes, and the rest on furniture.

When you were a kid, where was your favorite place to go shopping? Probably Target or something, because it has everything.

When Christmas comes around, where do you think you'll shop? I usually go to the mall for Christmas shopping because it's got everything.

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Justin Thomas


If somebody gave you $500 to spend, where would you spend it, and what would you buy? Guitar Center. I'd spend it on accessories and effects pedals.

Where's the last place you went where you spent too much money? Guitar Center.

What store makes you wonder how it stays in business, or why anyone goes there? Probably that eBay store. They sell your stuff on eBay for you, but it's so easy to sell your stuff anyways. I don't get that.

Where is your favorite area to go shopping around here? Me and my wife always go down to Manitou and have a good time. The people are always really nice there. More unique things.


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