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Good cop, bad cop, most everyone's got a favorite -- or not-so-favorite -- cop story. There's no better place to observe America's longtime love affair with our men in blue, and the situations they deal with, than on TV: There's been COPS, CHiPs, Law and Order, Columbo, Adam 12, Miami Vice, Barnaby Jones, Baretta, Hill Street Blues, Cagney and Lacey, Dragnet, NYPD Blue, to name a few. And who can forget good old lovable Barney Fife?

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Peter Fleming
Bear Creek Park area
Running shoes store manager

Describe a memorable police encounter you've had. I've lived here seven years, but I'm from Scotland and I have a strong Scottish accent. When I get pulled over, often as not the officer asks if I know some relation of his back in Scotland. They apparently don't realize that Scotland is a pretty big country.

What are Colorado Springs police like compared to those in Scotland? U.K. police don't carry guns, and U.S. police are more aggressive. It's very disconcerting speaking to someone with a gun in his holster.

Should law enforcement police itself? There should always be an outside, independent body to whom the police are accountable about matters like corruption and racism, but internal discipline should be a police-only matter.

Name your favorite TV cop. Kojak. He had a very hard side, but he had a sense of humor. And anybody who sucks a lollipop all the time must have something going.

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Rouven Steeves
Air Force Academy professor

What are Colorado Springs police like compared to those in your hometown? I'm originally from Germany. I've had little experience with police, period, but both countries seem to have very professional forces.

Should law enforcement be allowed to police itself? It's in law enforcement's own best interest to enforce internal integrity. Like other professions, it has a system of checks and balances that lets it track its own.

Who's the best-ever TV cop? Starsky and Hutch. They had tremendous camaraderie and rapport, they seemed above reproach, and the story always resolved into a positive ending.

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Ty Hare
Store owner

Describe your most memorable police encounter. The only one I can think of is getting pulled over one time while driving my then 9-year-old daughter to school. I used the occasion to educate her about what was happening and how the system works. It turned into a positive educational experience for her.

Should police investigate themselves? They should police themselves, but at some level there needs to an independent civilian agency of some kind to which they're accountable.

Name your favorite TV cop. This blind detective or private eye back in the '70s when TV had this fixation with handicapped, obese or eccentric detectives. If I remember right, his name was Longstreet.


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