IQ: Summer Dreams and Schemes 

Ah, summertime, when the living is easy and the fish are jumpin'. When life is its most affirmative, your troubles less overwhelming. Sleep with the windows open; listen to the crickets. Summer won't last forever.

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Cory Jackson

C.U. law student Boulder

What's your best-ever summer activity? Fly-fishing during the caddis hatch on the Arkansas River.

What's the best-kept local secret for summer fun? Cliff jumping up by Radium, a little north of Vail.

Given unlimited time, strength and cash, what would be your summer activity this year? I'd get out of the country and travel, maybe in Italy.

Is there anything you plan to do this summer that you've been putting off for years? Get a legitimate job.

Is there a book or author you intend to read this summer? I'm reading around a little in Ayn Rand. I also plan to read a little Richard Posner, a district court judge in Chicago and the pre-eminent law-and-economics guru.

What's the best thing about summer? The best thing about winter is that there's snow. The best thing about summer is that there's no snow.

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Rob Lorenzi
Career Army California's Bay Area

What's your favorite summer memory? Camping with my father as a teen-ager in northern California just before he passed away.

Given unlimited time and means, what would you do this summer? Visit every monument and museum in Washington, D.C. with my kids.

What's the ideal way to spend a warm summer evening? Sitting on the porch, relaxing and talking.

Is there an author you intend to read this summer? Yeah, a book I just found in a used bookstore that I've been looking for for over 10 years -- Survive the Savage Sea by Dougal Robinson. He and his family were sailing around the world, their boat sank and they were lost at sea 40 days and they all survived.

Are you planting a garden this summer? We just bought a 130-year-old farmhouse. We're going to plant a ton of vegetables, fruit trees, pumpkins and melons.

What's the best thing about summer? It's a break from winter. You can turn the furnace off.

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Anna Stevens
Retired insurance broker Highland Park

What's your favorite summer activity? Swimming at Glenwood Springs.

What's the best-kept secret for local summer fun? There aren't any. You'll run into people no matter where you go.

If you could do anything you wanted, what would it be this summer? Volunteer at one of the YMCA summer camps. Next summer, though, I may try to go to the Olympics in Greece.

What's the ideal way to spend a summer evening? Sit around and chat and barbecue in the back yard of a neighbor who has a gorgeous flower garden.

Is there a book you plan to read this summer? Doctor Phil's book, Self Matters.

What's the best thing about summer? Being able to wear T-shirts and bathing suits.


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