IQ: Summer's here 

As noted by Martha and the Vandellas, summer's here and the time is right. The days are mellow and long, the nights are warm, and a mediocre day on vacation beats a good day at work any time.

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Michael Hardy
Specialty retailer
Manitou Springs

What's your oddest vacation experience? Accidentally catching a fish in my back pocket while jet skiing in Branson, Missouri.

Where would you vacation this summer if you had unlimited time and money? Jamaica. I'd fit in good there -- they're into tie-dye, flying kites in the offshore winds and ... that's as much as I can say in public.

Who should be the next lieutenant governor of Colorado? Anybody but the status quo. I voted for Nader last go-around because I was tired of voting for the lesser of two evils.

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Sarah Fredrickson
West Side
Manager of Dale St. Cafe

What'll be the high point of your summer? Attending the Telluride Bluegrass Festival.

What's your best-ever vacation experience? In college a friend and I took off on a totally open-ended, see-what-happens hitchhiking trip. We ended up getting housed and fed for free in this really nice place in Santa Fe. Hitching back, we were picked up in a van by one of my high school teachers, who gave us a ride all the way back to Colorado Springs.

Where would you vacation if you had unlimited means? It'd be a tossup between India, Scotland or New Hampshire to visit this guy who raises bears.

Is the drought affecting you in any way? It's brought bears to my back yard. I love it.

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Bud Ford
Former mayor of Manitou, now runs errands for his wife

What'll be your summer highlight? Manitou's Mountain Music Festival in August.

What's your best vacation memory? I decline to answer that on the grounds that it would incriminate me. It's illegal in at least 27 states.

How would you vacation if money and time were no object? I'd go on an around-the-world adventure looking for various ethnic musical instruments.

Who should be the next lieutenant governor of Colorado? Independent publisher John Weiss.

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Jeff Brodsky
Rabbi and aura photographer

What figures to be your summer high point? Hopefully, talking my son out of joining the military.

What's your worst vacation experience? On the way to a weekend trip to Telluride, my car broke down in Montrose. I had to spend the entire weekend in Montrose waiting for my car to get fixed.

Given unlimited time and funds, how would you vacation? I'd visit every Civil War monument and memorial in the country. That's something I've always wanted to do.


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