IQ: Talkin' 'bout my resolution 

If you're like most people, your annual New Year's resolution is to break your resolution. This year -- the year of the true millennium -- the stakes are higher and so it's time to resolve to do something so outrageous that breaking it cannot be an option this time. We took to the streets this week to find out what you have to say about your resolutions, your diets and how the city government can correct its ways in this election year.

click to enlarge Lucky Odom
  • Lucky Odom

Lucky Odom
Neighborhood: South Central

What is the most interesting diet you have ever been on? I don't have a weight problem. I've taken a combination of ginseng, ginkgo biloba and ephedra to get a little giddyup and go.

Do you have a New Year's resolution? No I don't. I gave up. I gave up on resolutions, I just roll with it.

What was the most overlooked local story of 2000? Oh boy. Can I have a couple of days to research this? What are you hoping for this year? Just to be alive when the end of the year comes around.

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  • Melissa Hafter

Melissa Hafter
Neighborhood: South

What is the weirdest diet you have ever been on? The Atkins diet. The power protein, zero carbs diet. My foIks are on it so I call it the "cult" diet because they got all their friends on it. It's kind of creepy, I think.

What's the weirdest resolution you have ever had? Mine are usually health related. I'm not a big person to make resolutions, but I do like the idea of starting with the first of the month and go from there.

What resolution should City Council have? To deal with the growth issue in a practical and reasonable fashion.

What is the most overlooked local story of 2000? I don't think anyone has paid attention to the turning around the symphony has made. I don't think Colorado Springs Symphony executive director of operations Susan Green has gotten enough credit for funding a symphony director who the orchestra loves, for bringing people back to the symphony after all it had went through. I think Susan deserves a little kudos.

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  • Patrice Quintero

Patrice Quintero
USA Cycling
Neighborhood: Downtown

What is the most interesting diet you have ever been on? I have never really done a strict diet. I kind of just go on and off, like working out and not working out, depending on what's on TV that night. I pretty much eat what I want: pork chops, doughouts and Starbucks coffee.

Do you have any New Year's resolutions? To take more time for myself and for my friends.

What resolutions should City Council have? Make people more aware of what's going on with the situation of the roads and everything. Maybe they are and I just don't know how to do it, but when stuff is going to get done and how it's progressing and when we can expect it to get finished.


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