IQ: The death penalty 

Last week, the State Legislature nixed a proposal calling for $10 billion worth of new dams in Colorado. In addition, in the wake of the recent Supreme Court ruling that requires juries -- not judges -- to impose the death penalty, they redrafted the state's death penalty law.

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Craig Nolan
Assistant T-shirt Printer

Which Colorado valley should be dammed next? I don't think they should dam any Colorado valleys.

What do you think the state should spend those $10 billion on? Roads. I hate traffic.

How many dead inmates a year would satisfy Colorado's bloodlust? Doesn't take many to satisfy me.

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Karen Groeneveld
Rockrimmon Health-care Consultant

How should Colorado spend the $10 billion originally allocated for the construction of dams? I would like to put more money towards parks. National parks and state parks. And more recreational activities for the state.

How have you conserved water this summer? I follow the rules, unlike a lot of people. Actually, I used to live in Denver and so it's not a problem to do conservation, because everybody in Denver has done conservation for many years.

How many inmates should be put to death in Colorado every year? I don't believe in capital punishment, and so I don't think they should have to kill anybody.

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Greg Church
Gemstone broker

What do you think Colorado should do with $10 billion? Id like to see safe-houses for women and children. Id like to see food distribution centers for people who are having a hard time with their life.

Should this drought continue, what Colorado valley do you think should be dammed? I think that water is unnecessarily used and wasted on livestock, where water is used to grow food grains for cattle that are slaughtered.

How have you conserved water this summer? I dont water my lawn as much, or the backyard garden Im a little more conscientious when Im doing dishes or taking a shower. And I dont raise any cattle to slaughter. How many inmates do you think should be put to death every year? I dont know if I believe in the death penalty.

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Dan Winograd
Colorado Springs

How should Colorado allocate $10 billion? My priority has always been education.

How have you helped to conserve water? I've complied with the mandatory watering restrictions, reduced the number of loads of washing we do, reduced the amount of dishwashing water we use ...

How many of Colorado's inmates do you feel should be put to death this year? I don't think there is anyway you can put a number on that. It depends on what they did and what a jury finds.


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