IQ: The freshmen '14 

In the interest of making introductions, we posted a discussion topic on Colorado College's Facebook group for the class of 2014, and also visited the University of Colorado at Colorado Springs to talk with people moving in there.

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Aurora-Marie Bamba
Colorado Springs


Why did you choose CC? Mostly because of the block schedule. You only have to focus on one class every month. That's great for someone like me who is overwhelmed with a lot on their plate. Plus, CC's financial aid was the most generous out of all the colleges I applied to. I also wanted to stay close to home, and it's only 10 minutes away.

What are you most looking forward to? The classes and the work. Being independent is going to be different for me, but fun.

Why did you choose to stay in Colorado Springs? It was mostly to stay close to my family and my boyfriend. My little brothers need me in their lives, and I in theirs. Plus I don't drive yet, so if I went off to Denver I really couldn't come home a lot.

What is your biggest fear about starting school? Failing one of my classes.

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Josh Redlinger
Colorado Springs


Why did you choose UCCS? It was close to home, and, really, you can't beat that view anywhere.

Why did you want to stay in town? Well, I grew up in Texas and came to Colorado for the end of high school, so I really wanted to stick around some more. And UCCS was cheap and I knew I could get in.

What's your biggest worry about starting college? Definitely that I won't get along with my roommate and I'll have to move to a new room or something.

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Shauna Barnasevitch
Doylestown, Pa.


Why did you choose CC? Because of the block system. I'm hoping it'll make me a more focused, responsible person. Financial aid was also a huge issue for me, and CC was my best offer.

What are you looking forward to? I'm really looking forward to being on my own in the most beautiful state in the country! I can't wait to flee the nest.

What is your general impression of Colorado Springs? I adore Colorado Springs. It's a beautiful city, and there are so many opportunities to get outside and do something. Anything is better than where I live now, so it'll be interesting to see what the Springs offers.

What is your biggest worry about starting school? That I won't be accepted by my classmates. Typical irrational teenager thought process, I know.


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