IQ: The future's so bright ... 

As the clothes get skimpier and the smell of barbecue fills the air, we know summer is right around the corner. Just like those before it, this one will give us another chance to relive our best memories of being outside and enjoying some of our local novelties.

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Katie Shellenberger
Customer service trainer


What are your favorite summer memories? We used to have summer parties and barbecues all the time. We'd have the Christmas lights around the yard, and it was just wonderful.

If everything goes as planned this summer, how would you like to spend it? I'm going to be gardening a lot, going on a lot of walks. I love sitting outside; my patio is my second living room.

What is the most unfortunate summer fashion you've ever seen? Lately it looks like the '80s are coming back, so there are girls wearing huge T-shirts off the shoulder, with a big belt and side ponytails, and it's horrible.

What's your best festival memory? One year I got to hang out in the beer garden and watch everyone ride the mechanical bull at Territory Days. ... It was all these drunk people riding and everyone was falling off.

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Mary Mallinger
High school administrator

West side

How is your ideal summer spent? Getting the garden all ready — I love to garden. Do a little traveling, and do a lot of cooking for my friends.

What is the most unfortunate summer fashion? Burning the steaks on the grill.

Any festivals you're looking forward to this summer? I love to go to the concerts at America the Beautiful Park.

Can you recall your worst summer ever? When I had shoulder surgery and I couldn't play golf.

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Rick Jackson

West side

What are your favorite summer memories? Going on vacation, and traveling to Lake Tahoe.

Is there any event the comes around each summer that you particularly look forward to? I really like going to the Chile [and Frijoles] Festival down in Pueblo.

What is your ideal summer? Just being outdoors, hunting and fishing.

How do you think this summer could turn out to be a bad summer? If it was hot all the time.

What's the most unfortunate summer fashion you've seen? Tube tops. I mean, c'mon, those are just bad.

— Kevin Kehl


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