IQ: The meaning of it all 

In the mid-'60s, the then-relatively obscure Doors signed on to play a Colorado College dance at The Broadmoor. Some 35 years later, Snoop Dogg headlined at the usually low-key City Auditorium. Which marked a more significant watermark in the evolution of Colorado Springs' cultural scene?

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Charles Barr
North End

Describe the cultural significance of hip-hop. To me, it's regenerating and recycling, taking what's already there and re-using it in a new way.

What's the essence of hip-hop? It's an inclusive art that brings in a wide spectrum of people. It's not just a music thing. To many people, it's a philosophy, a way of looking at things.

Describe that way of looking. You find a way to recreate the given in life and make something completely new. It's like giving new life to old, lost souls.

Is there a hip-hop scene in Colorado Springs? Definitely, but it's more of an underground, individual scene than a collective scene, although it's growing.

Which was the watermark for Colorado Springs culture? The Doors playing at the Broadmoor, or Snoop Dogg playing City Auditorium? Definitely The Doors. Snoop Dogg doesn't do much besides aggravate people.

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Deborah Bolsinger
Memorial Park area
Palmer H.S. student

What is hip-hop? It's a mode of expressing your feelings through music. I prefer underground hip-hop because its lyrics talk about real-life situations like nature and feelings instead of just money, cars and parties. Mainstream hip-hop dwells on sexual prowess, cars and money. Underground [hip-hop] doesn't just cuss and talk about stupid stuff.

Is there a hip-hop scene in Colorado Springs? A small one, though it seems to be growing.

Is rock 'n' roll dead? Never. Never.

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Tony Graham
Central Colorado Springs
Systems Analyst

What is the cultural significance of hip-hop? In Oakland, where I grew up, it was primarily street music about what it was like in the scene you grew up in. Now it's incredibly commercial, mostly about "I'm better than you are, and here's a song about how good I am." True hip-hop is about taking responsibility for yourself and doing what you can to change the world.

Does any current group or individual embody that message? Chuck D from Public Enemy. More than anything else, though, the hip-hop message is pushed by the skateboard kids.

Which had a greater impact on Colorado Springs culture: The Doors playing at the Broadmoor or Snoop Dogg doing City Auditorium? I'd have to say Morrison had more interesting things to say than Snoop Dogg. Snoop probably dulled a few minds; The Doors probably altered a few.


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