IQ: The tasty road to hell 

Low-carb, high-protein, macrobiotic, raw food — the varieties of dieting and strategies for healthy eating are practically boundless. We all have good intentions in this way, but can nuts and seeds replace a really good burger?

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Rob Gilliam
Wasson H.S. area


What's the most extreme diet you've been on? My wife and I tried vegetarianism for a while when we lived in Montana, but we like meat too much.

Would you consider going on a raw food diet? I'd consider it, but it would take a lot of effort and commitment. We drink raw milk, though, which we buy at local farmers markets via Larga Vista Ranch in Boone, Colorado.

Do you do anything at present to eat healthy? We've cut way back on processed food of any kind, and we try to buy locally grown fruits and veggies. We also grow food in our backyard garden.

Where do you eat out if you want to eat "healthy"? We avoid fast food and any place that's big on hydrogenated oils and fried foods.

What's the essential ingredient in a really good salad? Swiss chard and feta cheese. They accentuate all the other flavors.

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Kendra Ryder-White

Store manager

What's the most extreme diet you've practiced? I've never dieted in any form in my life.

Would you entertain a raw food diet? If a doctor told me I'd die otherwise, yes, but the choice would have to be death or raw food.

What in your present diet would be hardest to give up? Bacon and chocolate, staples of life.

If you wanted to eat healthy, where would you dine out? Somewhere Indian. They generally have vegetarian dishes that are still tasty.

Identify what you consider the crucial item in a really good salad. Pepperoncini — yellow, hot banana peppers.

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Brian Tello
Milwaukee, Wis.


Have you ever gone on a diet for health purposes? Lately, we're eating a lot of raw fish via sushi, and we eat a lot of raw vegetables. I can't eat that way at the firehouse, though.

Would you consider a raw food diet? Somewhere down the line, I might. I could use shedding a few pounds through better nutrition. I'd have to see what it'd entail, though.

What's the key ingredient for a really good salad? Tomatoes and cucumbers. It's that combination of crunch and moist that's the fresh taste of summer.


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