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Secular or religious, the missionary spirit is fueled by conviction that the world and society would be better off if everyone were to believe in exactly what I do -- The Truth.

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John Odlin
Maintenance worker Crystal Hills

What do missionaries do? People with a religious affiliation take their message to outside areas with the idea of improving the lot of the people there by converting them to their beliefs.

Do people of other cultures and religious beliefs need to be saved? That's a very antiquated perspective. People of other beliefs need to be understood and respected, not saved.

Do you feel a need for other people to believe what you believe? No, but I'm not a religious person. But there's a tendency in people to assume that the world would be better off believing like them.

What do you need to be saved from? Wal-Mart.

Can politics and religion coexist in a positive fashion? I've seen no historical evidence of that.

Do you see any parallels between President Bush's worldview and the missionary spirit? Bush has laced his rhetoric with religious implications. He believes he's on a mission to save the world from evil.

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Debbie Stinson
Consultant Ivywild

What do missionaries do? They try to convert people to their belief system in the assumption that their religion is better.

Do people of other religions need to be saved? I've never understood what they need to be saved from. It's degrading to other people for me to assume the world would be better off believing what I do.

What do you need to be saved from? Eating too many doughnuts.

Can politics and religious coexist positively? I believe that religion has its place, but not in politics.

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Cynthia Sandberg
Housewife Salt Lake City

What do missionaries do? They spread the gospel of Jesus Christ to other lands.

Do people of other lands need to be saved? Every religion has a right to its beliefs, but some of us feel we have the right religion, and people of other religions might agree with that, given the chance. People have the option to listen or not. People need religion and belief systems in their lives. It's a comfort.

What do people need to be saved from? The feeling that they're alone, that humanity has no purpose.

Is there anything you need to be saved from? Both my husband and my son were recently activated on the same day, and I need the security of my beliefs to make it from day to day in these days of war.

Is it possible for religion and politics to coexist in a positive manner? Politics is a necessary evil, and it's better to have good people in politics, and religious people are more likely to be good people and relate better to their constituents.


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