IQ: Truth or consequences 

Is the growing energy crisis we're hearing so much about and beginning to experience locally real or rigged? And what about global warning -- which only cavemen still believe is a pesky myth? Does gas for the car take precedence over caribou and lichen in Alaska? Who's not getting it -- the people? The government?

click to enlarge Suzanne Doroski
  • Suzanne Doroski

Suzanne Doroski
Manitou Springs
Store manager

What do you think of Bush's plan to drill in the Alaskan wilderness? It scares me, and it doesn't solve the real reasons for the energy crisis. We should be pursuing solar and wind energy to lessen our dependence on fossil fuels. We should be exploring transportation means other than single-passenger, gasoline-powered cars. That's the real solution.

Is the power crisis real or rigged? It's rigged. It's a function of ignoring technology that would let us realistically pursue and make use of alternative energy sources that are renewable and non-finite.

Who isn't getting it? The public? The government? We've been educated to believe that it's oil or die. The corporations call the shots and create the perceptions; they convince us that we absolutely need what brings them profit.

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  • Doug Freed

Doug Freed
Patty Jewett
Retired Colorado College professor

What do you think of Bush's plan to drill in the Alaskan wilderness? It will irreversibly harm a magnificent resource we can never get back. It's consistent, though, with his tendency to prefer attractive short-term fixes over complicated, difficult, long-term solutions.

Is the energy crisis real or rigged? It's real, but we've been manipulated into it by corporate interests. We've ignored a problem that we've known all along is coming.

Is global warming real? It's real, but the people are ignoring it, the government is ignoring it and corporate interests want it to be ignored. It's like drinking -- you go for the immediate high and ignore the hangover that will follow.

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  • Nissa Weisser

Nissa Weisser
University of Denver student

What do you think of drilling in the Alaskan wilderness? It's a pristine area whose preservation is ultimately more important than the oil it would produce.

Is the energy crisis real or rigged? It's obviously rigged. We have a huge array of alternative energy resources we're not pursuing or utilizing. Our problem is less an energy shortage than an energy pigout. Do we need to drive huge SUVs that guzzle a million gallons of gas a year each? We have a me-first, who cares-about-anyone-else sense of entitlement and frame of mind.

Is global warming real? It's real all right, but it's all too easy for someone living in Highlands Ranch or Rockrimmon to be happily oblivious to the consequences of U.S. energy policies for the rest of the world. It's expensive and hard to address global warming and the feeling is that, since I don't see any immediate consequences, there are none. Ecosystems may be getting destroyed all over the world, but until it affects me directly, who cares? Disaster won't come in my lifetime, so what's to worry?


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