IQ: Undergrounded 

With the Rocket Room having gone silent last month, it's a good time to ask some questions about where we stand as a music town. Are people seeing shows they'll still be talking about weeks and months later?

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Scott Carr

Self-employed artist

Have you attended any small concerts or club shows lately? I saw a couple acoustic things I really enjoyed, and a hip-hop concert. The music scene in this town is coming along nicely.

Do you have a favorite local venue? I loved 32 Bleu when it was going. The Black Sheep is pretty good, but it pretty much sticks to a certain genre.

What do you imagine the hardest part of running a rock club to be? The thin line between profit and providing a good time without being controlling. I bartended a few years, so I know that can be tough.

If you could book one band or musician to play in Colorado Springs, who? I like the alternative rock scene — maybe Modest Mouse or Ben Harper.

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David Law
UCCS area

Waiter and college student

What's the last small concert or club show you saw live? An underground hip-hop duo called People Under the Stairs at the Black Sheep.

What's your favorite local venue? A year or two ago there was a place down by Giuseppe's and the railroad tracks that refurbished pianos. It wasn't even a formal venue, but in the summer they'd open it up, push all the pianos to the side, and throw shows: underground punk, hardcore, math rock, really crazy out-there stuff. It was really unique.

What's the hardest part of running a rock club? Getting quality acts. A lot of pretty crappy acts come through Colorado Springs.

What's the most important component of a good music venue? An authentic community feel. The Black Sheep has a corporate feel, and it's a bit overpriced.

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Kendle Moon

Retail professional

Name the last small concert or club show you attended. A hip-hop group called Noah23 at Belle's Lounge a couple weeks ago. They were really good.

Do you have a favorite local venue? I sort of like the Black Sheep. It's not too expensive and they have a good bar.

What qualities are most important to a good music venue? Good bands, good shows. The people who run it care about it.

Imagine the hardest part of running a club. Having to deal with a lot of drunk people.

If you could book any group into Colorado Springs, who would it be? A German noise band called Einstürzende Neubauten that uses untuned guitars and instruments custom-made out of scrap metal and stolen building tools.


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