IQ: Urban "renewal" 

Urban "renewal" in Colorado Springs has instead often resulted in beautiful old structures getting bulldozed to make room for parking lots and concrete jungles and faceless, forgettable buildings. So what are the more interesting and appealing parts of Colorado Springs, where history has been preserved or restored -- and those where the cement utilitarian has conquered?

click to enlarge Randy Simpson
  • Randy Simpson

Randy Simpson
Computer servicer

What is Colorado Springs' worse eyesore? The mountain scars. Also, mountainside development in general. I hate their windows flashing in the morning sun on the sides of the peaks. And that brown cloud hanging over Colorado Springs more and more often.

What's the best-looking building in the Springs? From the inside, at least, it's the Air Force Academy chapel.

Architecturally, what's the ugliest part of town? The massive development east of Powers where every house and yard is identical. I lived there not very long ago.

What's the neatest part of town? The downtown area, the Patty Jewett neighborhood and Old Colorado City -- the older neighborhoods that have character.

click to enlarge Anne Marshall
  • Anne Marshall

Anne Marshall
Business Owner
Broadmoor Bluffs

What's the biggest eyesore in town? The strip of south Nevada between Arvada and Southgate. It's ugly, tacky and devoid of interest.

What's the best-looking building in town? The Pioneers Museum.

What would make Colorado Springs prettier? Have Briargate annexed by Highlands Ranch.

What's your favorite part of town architecturally? The older, historic parts like downtown and the Old North End.

click to enlarge Michael Merrifield
  • Michael Merrifield

Michael Merrifield
High School Teacher
Manitou Springs

What's the worse eyesore in town? I-25 at rush hour.

What's the nicest-looking building in town? The Pioneers Museum. Actually, nearly any of the older buildings that went up in the early years of Colorado Springs. None of the new buildings hold a candle to them.

Architecturally, what's the ugliest part of town? The neighborhoods way to the north and east that are overrun with cookie-cutter homes and totally lacking in individuality.

What would make this town nicer looking? Preserve all the remaining open space and require that new development have some kind of aesthetic worth instead of what's cheapest and quickest.

What is your favorite locale for architecture? Manitou Springs.

click to enlarge Michael Goodwin
  • Michael Goodwin

Michael Goodwin

Computer network administrator

What is the worse eyesore in Colorado Springs? One is the area along Woodmen east of I-25 between the already-built areas and the new construction. It's a giant, weed-infested vacant lot. Another is the rundown area on Weber and Wahsatch just north of Fountain Boulevard.

What's the best-looking building in town? The Antlers [Adam's Mark], without a doubt.

What could we do to make Colorado Springs better looking? Make wider use of public transportation. Half the surface area of this town is blacktopped. A little less asphalt and concrete would be nice.

Architecturally, what part of town do you like best? I like the way Old Colorado City looks, and I like the Victorian and Tudor look of Wood Avenue. -- Bob Campbell


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