IQ: What cost, health? 

When we were kids, we ran and jumped and jived and wiggled and ate things like grilled cheese sandwiches and lots of fruit. In our grown-up, work-ridden bodies, so many of us accumulate a multitude of little fetishes, phobias, potions and diet schemes. What cost, health?

click to enlarge Sam Trojanovich
  • Sam Trojanovich

Sam Trojanovich
Florist West Side

Any health phobias? I'm a smoker, so I worry about the health risks that exposes me to. Not enough to stop, though.

Name something you've given up for health. I gave up drinking. It was creating too many problems -- lack of focus, the expense, that horrible next-day feeling.

What's the best-tasting diet food? Uncooked vegetables.

Is there anything you refuse to give up for health? Caffeine.

What do you do to keep mentally fit? Reading, writing, activities that require introspection.

click to enlarge Lisa Kahn
  • Lisa Kahn

Lisa Kahn
CC student Near North End

What's your current health obsession? I drink lots and lots of green tea.

What's the best-tasting diet food? I really like Morning Star tofu products.

Name something you've sacrificed for health. Half-and-half in my coffee.

What do you do to stay mentally fit? Exercise is a real stress releaser for me. Mostly I lift and run.

What single thing could you do to boost your health? Meditate more.

click to enlarge Jessica Alexander
  • Jessica Alexander

Jessica Alexander
Baby sitter Old North End

Do you have a health fetish or phobia? I have a thing about cancer, so I don't eat meat or dairy.

Have you ever given up anything for health? Coffee. It was causing high blood pressure.

What do you do to keep mentally fit? Yoga. It clears my mind. Even more, I call my friends and vent.

What's the best-tasting diet food? I hate all diet food.

click to enlarge Shel Baker
  • Shel Baker

Shel Baker
Looking for work Southeast

What's your No. 1 health worry? I'm very concerned about fluoride in the water.

What's your preferred way to keep mentally fit? Eating stuff I like, especially raw hamburger and raw steak. Raw fish is disgusting, though. Spaghetti is also good. Also, I sing loudly to the car radio, especially when it's Shakira or Concrete Blonde songs.

Name something you've given up for health. Being vegetarian. It was running my health down, so I gave up health food to eat more nutritiously. It worked.

What's the best-tasting diet food? Lean Pockets. Also Slim Fast.

-- Bob Campbell


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