Primary colors The 2008 primaries haven't stuck to the predictable, business-as-usual script. The traditional givens, assumptions and dictates from On High are proving less relevant and harder to impose this time around.

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Jonathan Reilly
Upper Skyway

Retired teacher
How are the GOP primaries shaping up? Republicans have ended up with their best available candidate. Huckabee, Romney or Powell will be VP.

Can John McCain win in November? He can. He's the most moderate GOP candidate. But had Romney remained the same person he was as governor, he might have beat McCain out.

How about the Dem primaries? Obama will be a great candidate one day, but I prefer Hillary now. It embarrasses me that the Dems might go with such an inexperienced candidate, someone with such limited foreign policy background.

What do you make of the superdelegate thing? The Dem leadership set that up to make sure they don't end up with a candidate they don't want. It's mistrust of the rank-and-file by party elders.

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Belinda Backous
Fort Collins

School counselor
Assess the Republican primaries to date. I'm not surprised McCain got it. He's pretty moderate compared to his rivals. He's their safest bet.

Can McCain win in November? No matter who their candidate is, it will be difficult for the Republican to win.

How about the Dem primaries so far? Six months ago, I was predicting Edwards. I'd like to see a woman in the presidency, but I'd also like to see a Democrat win, and Obama is the one with momentum.

Can the Dems win the presidency this time? They're more in touch with the things most people care about: the economy, health care, sustainable energy alternatives. Whoever gets the Democratic nomination will win it all.

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Larry Entwistle

Retired Realtor and nonprofit fundraiser
Can McCain win in November? I don't think so. The country is ready for a change.

Assess the Dem primaries. I think Obama will get it. There's a widespread sense of disillusionment out there. He brings a sense of hope to folks.

Who will get your vote if it's McCain vs. Obama? I've never voted Democratic for president, and Obama's politics and economics are counter to what I traditionally believe in, but I may vote Democratic this time. I'm still on the fence.

Can the Democrats win it? Undoubtedly.


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